Bells Beach Backpackers Hostel on the Great Ocean Road

Bells Beach Backpackers Hostel on the Great Ocean Road

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/05/2016

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Instead of heading back to the bustling city, stay a couple of nights at Victoria’s great coastal region!

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most visited spots in Australia, taking in an expansive stretch of beautiful coastline peppered with natural attractions and stunning views. Listed as one greatest  scenic coastal road trips around, the Great Ocean Road is paved with amazing highlights and extraordinary activities. Great Ocean Road weaves around jagged cliffs and heads past natural rock formations, lush national rainforests, picturesque beaches, and charming seaside towns.

To make the most of a trip to this part of the country, it’s worth stopping off in the pretty towns along the way and spending multiple days exploring the region.

The Bells Beach Backpackers Hostel makes a great stop off point in the picturesque seaside town of Torquay. Set near the famous Bells Beach, the town is the birth place of numerous iconic surf brands and is known as the surfing capital of the country. Torquay can be found 95km South West of Melbourne and is the official gateway to the Great Ocean Road, so it is the perfect place to stay before you being your epic adventure along the coast.

The hostel is ideal for travellers looking to get to know the region on a local level, as well those who want to kick back and relax by the sea, head out and enjoy the surf, or simply chill out in a pretty coastal town.

Facilities at Bells Beach Backpacker Hostel

Bells Beach Backpacker Hostel prides itself on its comfortable beds and offers all guests free tea and coffee. Each room has its own set of lockers, where guests can use their own padlocks to keep belongings safe, as well as a secure luggage lockup for when you want to go out and explore for the day.

The hostel is a social hub, with free BBQ facilities so you can enjoy an Aussie-style dinner with your fellow residents. And, if you’re missing home, there’s free WiFi and computer facilities so you can get in touch with friends and family, or simply plan your next adventure online. In addition, there is off-street parking for a limited number of cars, and the opportunity to hire bikes and surf boards from the reception desk so you can really get to know Torquay and its surrounding scenery.

For long-term travellers, on-site washing facilities mean you can scrub up nice and clean, and there are kitchen facilities where you can cook up a storm with local ingredients and dine with your new found friends.

If you’re exploring the Great Ocean Road and want to get to know it in all its laidback, local glory, the Bells Beach Backpacker Hostel is a great place to start.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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