Where are the best spots to watch the sunset and sunrise on the Great Ocean Road?

The Great Ocean Road offers exceptional scenery throughout the day, but there is no better time than when the sun illuminates the road. When the sun rises above the ocean horizon or sinks down below, the sea and cliff tops are bathed in brilliant colours that shine a range of golds, pinks, violets, and reds. The light transforms the landscape into a magical and captivating place, enhancing its natural highlights to the extreme. So, get up at the crack of dawn or relax mid-afternoon to see the epic marvel of the sunset and sunrise along the great ocean road come to past.

  • 12 Apostles

    Appearing in very Great Ocean Road postcard, the 12 apostles is the jewel of the area. Either stride along the beach, or climb up to the highest lookout, they are promises exceptional views out across this ancient rock formation. See the vivid jutting shapes create silhouettes against the setting or rising sun.

  • Beach views: Apollo Bay

    What’s more romantic than strolling along a soft sandy beach while the sunsets in the background? It’s no surprise this is the backdrop to nearly every romantic movie ever made as the bright light creates an enchanting atmosphere perfect that matches the emotion love beautifully. Alternatively, you can pop yourself in a motivation movie, as you take a run along the sand while the sun slowly rises.

  • Lorne Rooftop restaurant

    Enjoy a delicious dinner and a drink or two as you marvel at the brilliant sky. Lorne offers you a perfect rooftop right nearby the beachfront, promising you a view to going with your meal. So, sip on a beer as you survey the sea beyond.

  • Cape Otway Light Station

    Climb up the winding stairs of the lighthouse to see the sunrise/sunset from a high altitude. The lighthouse is both a great lookout and a historic landmark, dating back to 1848. With a view of the expanding deep ocean and the lush greenery of the Otway’s, you will truly be in awe of the natural splendour.

  • Loch Ard Gorge

    Shrouded by impressive, yellow-washed limestone cliffs, the Loch Ard Gorge is home to a calm inlet of clear, blue water. Its picturesque beauty and rich history make it one of the most popular spots along the Great Ocean Road. Avoid the foot traffic and visit this remarkable place during the sunrise or sunset. The cliff faces will shine a stunning orange as the ocean reflects the sunrays. Sit back in the soft sand and marvel at the changing landscape.

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