Can you swim in Lake Colac?

Can you swim in Lake Colac?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/23/2024

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Come visit the largest freshwater lake in Victoria, Lake Colac!

Lake Colac is in the town of Colac, right by the Great Otway National Park. The drive from Melbourne to Lake Colac is around two hours. The train ride from Southern Cross Station to Colac Station is about two hours.

However, when it comes to swimming, it isn’t recommended here at Lake Colac, due to the poor water quality. The local council will continue to monitor the water quality. There may be signage by the lake stating the water quality isn’t good.

Where can I swim?

If you’re looking for somewhere to swim, here are some other recommendations close to Lake Colac.

• Lake Bullen Merri
Lake Bullen Merri is in Camperdown and is about a 45-minute drive from Lake Colac. Here you can do a range of water activities including swimming, jet skiing, waterskiing, sailing, and fishing.

• Rokewood Lagoon
Rokewood Lagoon is a community-run swimming lagoon in Rokewood, a 50-minute drive from Lake Colac. Here you can of course go swimming, and there are grassy areas, BBQs, toilets, showers, and changing rooms available.

There is a small fee to enter, and the lagoon is open from about late December to March each year.

What else to do near Lake Colac

There are plenty of other water activities you can do in Lake Colac or other things to do nearby.

• Go around Lake Colac
Enjoy a beautiful walk or cycle along the grass or fine sand that surrounds the lake. There are also walking and bike paths along the foreshore of the lake.

• Go fishing
Fishing is a popular activity you can do here at Lake Colac. Some common fish you can catch include redfin, carp, tench, and trout.

• Enjoy a picnic
By the lake, there are picnic tables and BBQs where you can cook up or bring your own delicious lunch. There is also a playground for the kids to use some of their energy on.

• Colac Botanic Gardens
Right by the lake is the Colac Botanic Gardens where you can spend some time seeing the variety of plants. You can also have a picnic here, so bring along some of your favourite snacks or lunch foods.

• Try out boating and other water activities
Ever since 1870, Lake Colac has been a popular place where people go boating. People often will also go yachting, rowing, windsurfing, and water-skiing.

You can also pop into the Colac Yacht Club and check out the upcoming events, including the Learn to Sail, which takes place towards the start of the year.

Lake Colac is certainly worth the visit, with the town having accommodation available if you wish you stay longer. There are also selected eateries and shops in the town.

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