Forests & Fresh Seafood at Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is one of the most picturesque seaside villages in Australia. Tucked away in the foothills of the incredible Otways, the bay is a haven for water lovers and adventure travellers. As well as acting as the perfect base for day trips to the Twelve Apostles and the Otway Ranges, Apollo Bay has some gems of its own for visitors to explore.

Its location halfway along the Great Ocean Road means you can expect stunning seascapes, including sprawling beaches and endless shimmering waters.

Shore Side Pursuits in Apollo Bay

Visitors are welcome to try out the range of watersports on offer in the village, of which there are plenty to get stuck into. Whether you’re looking to try your hand at kayaking or surfing, or whether you’re eager to dive down and explore the depths of the beautiful ocean, Apollo Bay accommodates all levels of watersports enthusiasts.

If you feel more comfortable on dry land, then fear not! Apollo Bay plays host to a collection of activities, both active and cultural. You can horseback ride along the beachfront, admiring the incredible scenery, or duck into the numerous artisan shops that line the shore. Art lovers will be in heaven with the range of galleries nestled in the bay, and there are plenty of tea houses peppered around. At the weekend, Apollo Bay opens its arms to craft lovers with its open-air market. Here, you’ll find stall upon stall piled high with local artwork, antique curiosities, and local produce.

Consider dinner sorted, too, with a delicious menu of seafood restaurants that serve up freshly caught fish.

Thanks to its status as a traditional fishing village, Apollo Bay is renowned for its dedication to seafood, and there’s even a festival that caters solely to this cuisine in February. For music lovers there’s the Apollo Bay Music Festival in April, which is one of Victoria’s biggest events.

Mountain Hikes and Waterfalls Inland at Apollo Bay

Set back from the shorefront, Apollo Bay has a wealth of rainforest landscapes. Just explore a few kilometres inland and you’ll be party to trickling streams, magical waterfalls, and the mystical glow of forest fireflies.

The surrounding Otways are home to Australia’s oldest lighthouse, one of Apollo Bay’s best attractions, as well as a tangle of hiking trails perfect for mountain biking. For the adventurous travellers, there’s the Otway Fly, a treetop walk that proffers spectacular views of the scenery below. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of a koala or platypus along the way.

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