Great Ocean Road Tour Comparisons

Great Ocean Road Tour Comparisons

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/13/2020

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When you’re booking your Great Ocean Road tour you’ll notice that there are two distinct types of tours we offer; Luxury and Small Group.

We have a great variety of tours for you to choose from including multiday adventures and gorgeous day getaways. Our tours might stop along different regions of the Great Ocean Road, have different inclusions or be better suited to different family groups. The designation of luxury or small group helps to indicate some of these key factors. Keep reading to learn more!


This tour is great for everyone but perfect for older travellers and young families. These tours are generally a bit shorter and involve less physical activity. This makes them perfect for older people with mobility issues and young families who may struggle to keep a toddler’s attention all day.

  • Coach Size

    Luxury tours are serviced by large coaches, generally seating approximately 58 passengers. Though depending on your travel dates you might not have a full bus.

  • Comfort

    A bigger bus means a more comfortable one! Luxury coach tours have more space for you to spread your legs and reclinable seats. Many also have complimentary wi-fi onboard and bathrooms. This makes for a more comfortable trip from Melbourne down to the coast and back home again.

  • Less walking

    Luxury tours generally have a few less stops which means there is less walking throughout the day. You’ll still get to see plenty of this amazing areas and be able to reserve some of your energy.

  • Family Friendly

    Our luxury tours are 100% family-friendly meaning you can bring your kids no matter how young or old they are. Four year old’s and over will need their ticket while infants can travel on the lap of a parent for free.


These tours are great for the young traveller pumping to get as much as they possibly can from a single day. They are full-on, long day tours with early pickups and late-night drop-offs.

  • Bus size and comfort

    These tours operate in small coaches holding up to 24 passengers. As the bus is smaller there isn’t as much room to stretch out as there is on a large coach. It does mean however that you’ll be able to connect with your guide a lot better and have more opportunity to learn everything you want to.

  • Lots of walking

    With extra stops and a smaller bus that can easily access more sites, our small group tours will take you to the best secret places along the Great Ocean Road. Walk along beaches then through a rainforest as we travel down the coast.

  • Age restrictions

    Our small coach tours have age restrictions that doesn’t allow travellers under the age of four. This makes it a great choice for those hoping to avoid too many children on their tours.
    We hope this has helped you in your search to find the perfect Great Ocean Road tour for you! Book in your tour today to see this incredible part of the world.

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Cameron Ward
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