Hiking Around MacKenzie Falls

Hiking Around MacKenzie Falls

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/14/2017

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See the Grampians’ iconic MacKenzie Falls during your hiking adventure!

The Great Ocean Road is packed full of natural wonders. As you weave through the coastal scenery, you’ll find plenty of lookouts, stunning views, and impressive waterfalls – one of which is MacKenzie Falls.

This cascading waterfall sits in the heart of the Grampians, surrounded by sprawling landscapes and incredible wildlife. It is known as one of the best waterfalls in the region, and can be found around a 30-minute drive from Halls Gap along the picturesque Mount Victory Road.

When you arrive at MacKenzie Falls, you’re greeted by a small kiosk serving cold drinks and ice creams – perfect for cooling off with on a hot, sunny day. The Falls can get quite busy, especially in high season, but there is plenty of space to sit around the base and watch the water tumble down the rock.

Walks Around MacKenzie Falls

One of the most popular activities in the vicinity of MacKenzie Falls is walking. There are several pretty trails that crisscross through the landscape, offering up the stunning scenery and breath-taking views.

Firstly, you can take a stroll around the base of MacKenzie Falls. This 2km return trip takes around an hour and a half and exposes you to the eclectic scenery that surrounds the waterfall. As you climb up the final stretch, you’ll be greeted with spectacular views of the waterfall itself, the deep pool below, and the forest and plains that surround it. At its peak, you can watch the fine sprays of rainbow mist that soar skywards out of the gorge and relax in the peaceful setting.

Alternatively, you can walk to the MacKenzie Falls Lookout. This shorter walk covers 1.9km and takes about 20 minutes one-way. This route is less steep than the walk around MacKenzie Falls and is perfect if you’re simply looking to admire the views from the peak of the waterfall. Here, you can amble onto the viewing platform and look out over the surrounding scenery, taking in the ancient gorge landscape and everything it has to offer.

The Grampians National Park is one of the Great Ocean Road’s best-loved attractions, giving you the chance to explore and variety of landscapes in a small space. Waterfalls make up a large part of the region and, as one of the most impressive, MacKenzie Falls is well worth a visit. Soak up the stunning views, watch the water cascade, and check out the stunning ancient scenery.

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