How many tourists visit the Twelve Apostles each year?

How many tourists visit the Twelve Apostles each year?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/10/2021

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The Twelve Apostles, the slightly wayward wonder on the western side of the Great Ocean Road, is a stunning monument to Australian geography and time’s penchant for changing our landscape.

Sunset at the 12 Apostles

This series of now eight limestone formations leaping out of the wild Bass Strait is one of the many sites that make the Port Campbell National Park – and the Great Ocean Road in general – one of Australia’s most unforgettable coastlines!

Naturally, these wondrous formations are popular with tourists, with some 2 million visitors every year jostling for a spot on the lookout over these impressive sea-dwelling sculptures.

Yes, locals and tourists alike are incredibly fond of these precarious natural carvings, and they enjoy a trip to them alongside these other Great Ocean Road experiences:

The Port Campbell National Park

The Twelve Apostles is part of a larger series of stunning landmarks that make up the Port Campbell National Park. What makes it so fascinating is that each of the landmarks is within a hop, skip and a jump of the other, making it seem as if some cosmic force dropped them all in together!

To begin with, there’s the sublime Loch Ard Gorge, probably the other favourite of this awesome national park. The gorge comprises two towering clifftops encapsulating a gorgeous inlet of turquoise waters and lovely sand.

Next, be sure to gaze upon the impressive London Arch, another victim of the Strait’s erosion yet every bit as magical as the days before the waters ripped out its form from below.

Finally, descend the staircase and find yourself at The Grotto, a sinkhole formation whose views through to the raging waters make it appear to be out of a Dali or Magritte painting – all you need is a man in a bowler hat being engulfed by the waters beyond and voila! Surrealism.

Learning to surf

On the other end of the Great Ocean Road, in the charming seaside town of Torquay, lies Australia’s home of surfing. In fact, Torquay itself is like a living testament to the board, being the home of Rip Curl, Quiksilver and the National Surfing Museum.

So there’s a bit of surf there, and thankfully the surf can accommodate everyone from grommets to your Mick Fanning-types. Join one of the local surf schools, hop a wave and find out why this thrilling sport is loved in Torquay town and across the globe!

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