What to see within the Otway’s National Park?

Nestled along the Great Ocean Road is the spectacular Great Otway’s, more commonly known as Otway’s National Park. Covered in lush greenery, the area is filled with bird calls, rustling bushes, and thundering waterfalls. Embrace Victoria’s stunning scenery as you immerse yourself into the striking cool temperate rainforest.  


The rainforest is alive with sounds, with a huge array of Australian animals on offer. No matter where you travel within the greenery, you are guaranteed in seeing one fantastic creature. Look above to the high treetops and spot the lazy koalas or the singing birds. Stroll along the walking tracks to discover an echidna or a mob of kangaroos along the way. Or head inside the rainforest at night to witness the stunning glow worms brighten up the trees and bushes. Even peer into the watering holes for a chance to see the mysterious platypus whizzing around. Travel with a professional guide who can tell you all the interesting facts of the Otway’s residents.


There are a number of spectacular plants that are bursting inside the valley. With ancient large ferns that tower over you, to unique flowers blossoming from the rich soil. See the spectacular forest of the giant Californian Redwoods, also known as the Sequoia trees. Planted in 1939, the forest is a perfect scenery for a relaxing picnic with the family or a tranquil stroll through the tree trunks.


Hear the thundering roar of water get louder and louder as you approach the stunning waterfalls scattered within the forest. These rumbling waterfalls flow year-round, gushing down from green clifftops or moss-covered rocks. They are at the centre of everything, being a hub for the rainforest’s array of wildlife. The forest is full of them, with a bucketload to visit, including Carisbrook, Beauchamp, Hopetoun, and Mariners Falls. So make sure you research to narrow down your options before adventuring here.

Walking tracks

What better way to see the rainforest world but by travelling along the intertwining walking tracks? Ranging in length and effort, the tracks let you traverse through the Otway’s while showcasing the nature and beauty of this lush landscape. They take you to hidden forest retreats, cascading waterfalls, and even excellent picnic spots. The safest and easiest way to travel, simply lace up those walking shoes and head out for a day chocked-full of adventure.

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