The Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie

Chocolate lovers will definitely want to make a pit stop at the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie. This sweet haven is the brainchild of Ian and Leanna Neeland, two passionate foodies who have come together to share their love of chocolate with Australia.

At the chocolaterie, you can tuck into mouth-watering truffles and unique chocolate flavours, as well as try some of the homemade ice cream that’s also on offer.

While wondering around, master chocolatiers make the delicious sweet treats and you can watch them from the very start to the finish, where they hand pack their goods in charming packaging.

In the showroom, there are thousands of chocolates to tempt you, while the Pod Café boasts a menu packed full of seasonal produce from the on-site garden, and sumptuous desserts, from fondue to ice cream. For an afternoon snack, try one of the decadent pastries or tarts alongside a delicious brewed coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Outside the chocolaterie, the landscape unfolds in a delightful display of stunning views and incredible coastline. The lawns are perfect for kids, while the native garden, fledgling orchards and lavender fields add a splash of colour.

What’s on Offer at the Chocolaterie

The chocolaterie’s main selling point is its thousands of chocolates, but there’s more to it than that.

There’s also more than 250 different flavours of ice cream and the chance to watch experienced European chocolatiers craft smooth, delectable truffles.

Every product is made using only the finest, hand-picked ingredients from the chocolaterie’s very own garden. The choice won’t be easy, though, as there are 7000 truffles to choose from, including a unique single origins collection made with cocoa from eight different regions around the world, and the Bush Tucker collection that looks pretty in a packaging designed by Nathan Patterson.

Elsewhere, you can try the delightful pastilles and sumptuous chocolate covered creations that are inspired and based on the surroundings of the Great Ocean Road. Try nut clusters, rocky roads, macarons, biscuits, nougat, chocolate spreads, and everything in between – there’s even a chocolate therapy beauty range to indulge in.

And when you’re all chocolated out (if that’s possible!), try some of the homemade ice creams and sorbet, all made fresh daily with seasonal flavours and local ingredients.

If you want to learn how the master chocolatiers craft their delicious products, you can take a chocolate making class yourself. This one-hour workshop lets you discover the chocolate making experience from start to finish, where you end up with your own personal, hand-crafted chocolate bar.

Visit the Chocolaterie on our Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour.

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