Where can I watch the sunset in Apollo Bay?

Where can I watch the sunset in Apollo Bay?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/25/2022

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One of the stops on the Great Ocean Road, Apollo Bay is a stunning town in Victoria.

A beautiful town right along the Great Ocean Road and near the Great Otway National Park, Apollo Bay has a lot to offer. With stunning beaches, waterfalls and streams, you can dive, get surfing lessons, swim, fish, go out on a boat or kayak.

Apollo Bay is one of the many places where Victorian’s and travellers gather to get a stunning view of the sunsets all year round. With many great locations for people to visit and watch the sunset across Apollo Bay, here is a selected few of the most popular sites.

  • Apollo Bay Beach

    One of the most popular attractions in Apollo Bay is Apollo Bay Beach. The beach is three kilometres long and perfect for walking, swimming, surfing or boating. Apollo Bay Beach is one of the best spots Apollo Bay has to offer for a sunset view. If you are at the beach earlier, be sure to check out the range of restaurants, cafes, distilleries and ice cream shops for you to enjoy right nearby.

  • Shelly Beach

    Shelly Beach is part of the Great Otway National Park. It is a perfect location to sit down for a picnic to watch the sunset across the ocean. If you fancy, you can also take the Shelly Beach Walking Track to spot some different wildlife in the park.

  • Marriner’s Lookout

    If you plan on settling down to watch the sunset, why not do it at Marriner’s Lookout? You can either drive or walk up to the lookout to get incredible views of Apollo Bay. The lookout gives you unforgettable views of the Apollo Bay area. Admire the houses and greenery while also being able to see the beach and ocean.

  • Chocolate Gannets

    If you are looking to stay the night, Chocolate Gannets offer incredible little villas with views of the ocean. Stay in the comfort of your own room while watching the sunset across the ocean. Or you can step out onto the beach and view the sunset outside.

  • Wild Dog Creek Streamside Reserve

    Before the sun sets, you could explore parts of the 15 kilometre creek known as Wild Dog Creek. When you start reaching the end going towards the beach, you can have a clear view of the sunset while being near the creek.

Before the sun sets

While waiting for the sun to set, there is lots to look at and do while in Apollo Bay. There are cafes, restaurants and local shops to peruse. Or you can do a walking tour. If you are there on a Saturday morning, you can check out the foreshore market which has the local’s shops. Be sure to pick up some fresh produce while you are there.

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