Where to Camp Great Ocean Road

To truly experience the beauty that is the Great Ocean Road, a mere day does not suffice. Rather a full weekend immersed in the natural wonders, camping under the stars and enjoy the beaches, rainforests, and towns this exceptional region possesses. Luckily for guests looking to camp along the Great Ocean Road, there are plenty of spots to choose from. Making sure you won’t be a shoulder to shoulder with other guests, and free to appreciate the region’s loveliness.

Great Ocean Walk Camping Sites;

This camping option gives visitors the freedom to walk-in, walk off the campsites from the Great Ocean Walk route. With hike-in campsites ready to let travellers immerse themselves in the wild.

Johanna Beach

If you are up for a beach adventure, this grassy campsite is flanked by a steep hillside, lush trees, and one of the area’s remote surfing beaches. Due to its isolated location, guests can disconnect from the outside world and spend discover the natural wonders and wildlife Great Ocean Road is famous for.

Blanket Bay

If you are up for a fishing or boat trip, Blanket Bay is for you! Sitting right along the oceanfront, it is home to a boat launching area, communal fireplace, and plenty of fishing spots. Visitors spend their time in and out of the water, wandering the lush forestland or discovering the lush rock pools nearby.

Otway’s National Park Camping Sites;

Great Otway National Park offers an excellent camping opportunity, featuring rugged rock platforms, sandy beaches, and windswept heathland. It is the perfect looking for a family-friendly place to park your caravan or a solitary night under the stars.

Aire Crossing

For a quiet paradise amidst giant mountain ash trees and the trickling Aire river, the Aire Crossing promises a tranquil stay. The Great Otway’s National Park is swarming with epic wildlife, letting visitors see some of Australia’s most beloved animals up close in personal in the wild.

Stevenson’s Falls

This camping stretches out beside the river, renowned for being a breath away from one of the region’s prettiest waterfalls; Stevenson’s Falls. Giving visitors a soothing night-time melody of the cascading water.

Town Camp Sites;

Rather stay in the settlements? These campsites let you enjoy both the beach and the local towns, interreacting with the locals to learn more about the region’s culture.

Lorne Beach

If you are wanting a camping experience amidst the chaos, Lorne is for you. This is jam-packed in the summertime, with families, surfers, and even the schoolies group making an appearance. nestled right next to one of the most popular beaches on the Great Ocean Road. The camping ground is always buzzing, with nearby restaurants, and bars nearby, you can spend an entire day hopping from the surf to the shops!

Apollo Bay

This is great for large family groups travelling together! With cabins, caravan spots, and tent areas all up for grabs, you can enjoy camping in any style. There is a large playground nestled within, which can keep the kids busy while the parents sit back and relax with a crisp beer and fresh oysters.

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