Surf Culture of Torquay on the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Tours takes you into the very heart of a surfer’s paradise close to the rolling white capped waves of Torquay. If you have ever been fascinated by those who dance on water or if you adore duck diving through the breakers to find a quiet spot on the back line then you are sure to fall head over heels with the surf culture of salt sprayed Torquay.

Birth Place of the Biggest Names in Surfing

Great Ocean Road Tours takes you through a startling world of diversity, from the deep dense rainforests of the Daintree to the soft silk sand beaches and the winding coastal road. Surf lovers will want to stop in Torquay, birth place of big brand names like Rip Curl and Quicksilver and home to the truly inspiring Surf World Museum.

The Surf World Museum

The Surf World Museum is a cultural tour into the controversial world of surfing with a special emphasis on the history of how Australia helped shape the modern adrenaline sport as we know it. With an incredible collection of memorabilia, visual art, video collections and of course the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, visitors will be bowled over with what the museum has to offer.

Surf Fashion for Outside the Swell

Keen surfers who fancy thinking about fashion more than getting pumped upon the sands can head to the Surf City Plaza, a glorious shopping mall dedicated to many of the most beloved brands of the surf industry. Whether you want a super warm hoodie from Quicksilver, a new ankle leash or a year’s worth of sex wax for your board, you can find it all under one roof.

The Iconic Rollers of Bells Beach

Finally it’s time to hit the rollers of the famous Bells Beach. These sands are big news in the world of Australian surfing, tempting short boards from across the globe to come and tackle the power and the prowess of the surging white water, dreamy clean lines, perfect offshore breezes and magnificent barrels. Experienced surfers can take to the waters whereas novices and newbies can book in for a lesson and learn to have some fun mastering the ankle snappers that nip at the shore.

Silky Sands and Cold Beer

Of course you wouldn’t be embracing the art of Torquay’s surf culture without shaking the salt water from your hair and sitting down on the sands with an ice cold beer in hand as you watch others rip it up on the back line. Let Great Ocean Road Tours show you the delights of Torquay and indulge in the mesmerizing world of surf culture.

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