5 things to do in Lorne

5 things to do in Lorne

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/06/2023

Reading time: 2 mins

A beautiful seaside town along the iconic Great Ocean Road.

Lorne is your perfect weekend getaway location where you can relax and unwind. With a stunning beach, beautiful waterfalls, and a great shopping experience, there’s nothing more you’ll want!

Whether you visit briefly while travelling the Great Ocean Road or spending a weekend, here are five things you can do while in Lorne!


1. Surfing at Lorne Beach

Lorne Beach is one of the best beaches to surf at in Victoria! The beach is a great spot for you to learn how to surf and somewhere to build up your skills. Head down during the summer months for the stronger winds which create great waves.

If surfing isn’t your thing, you can always relax on the beach, bring a good book, or have a picnic.

2. Teddys Lookout

Teddys Lookout is a fantastic lookout point to overview the coastline as the ocean rolls into the mouth of Saint George River. From the lookout, you will see the lush greenery of the surrounding area and the mountain peaks as the river weaves itself out towards the ocean.

3. Discover the waterfalls

Lorne has a collection of amazing waterfalls that you can see. Erskine Falls is one of the best waterfalls that you can see in Lorne with two different lookout points. It’s a bit further out from the town but worth the visit if you have a car.

Sheoak Falls is close to the town with an enjoyable half hour’s walk to the falls to reach the picnic area. You can spend the afternoon here under the gum trees and watch as the waterfall drops into the plunge pool.

4. Get a thrill at Live Wire Park

Live Wire Park is an amusement park in Lorne with the most extreme zipline! Live Wire Park also has treetop trails that test your strength and problem solving. The short circuit is suitable for children to enjoy.

Book your tickets online and experience some of the most exciting ziplines in Melbourne!

5. Go shopping

Who doesn’t love a bit of retail therapy? Lorne has many small boutique shops from clothing to jewellery, and much more to spend a few hours looking around.

A few times a year the Lorne Markets run that has a range of local produce from food to household goods and vintage items.

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