FAQ about Great Ocean Road Tours

How far is the journey from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles?

It takes about three hours via bus to travel from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles. However, due to the stops along the Great Ocean Road journey, it takes longer on tour. Most of our tours arrive at the 12 Apostles between 3:00 – 4:00 pm, except our reverse tours which arrive around 10:00 – 11:00 am.

How many Apostles are there left?

Over the years a number of the Apostles stacks have collapsed. Currently, there are only eight Apostles left on the coastline. You can read more about the 12 Apostles here.

What happened to the other Apostles?

The reason for the Twelve Apostles stacks collapse is due to erosion, with the constant wind, waves, and saltwater cutting away at the rock until it eventually falls, in a similar way to a building collapsing.

What's the difference between the Great Ocean Road tours?

We offer a number of Great Ocean Road tours, each with their own itinerary and inclusions. Take a look at each of our tour’s information pages and see the differences between journeys listed here!

Can I do the helicopter upgrade on all tours?

No, you can only upgrade to the helicopter experience on our 1 Day Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour, which offers the flight over the 12 apostles for $145 per person.

What's the weather like on the Great Ocean Road?

The weather changes depending on the season, but typically is on the cooler side due to the coastal winds along the road. We suggest bringing a jacket just in case even in the summertime.

Will I be able to see whales from the Great Ocean Road?

Hopefully! Between June to October every year, whales can be seen visiting the Bass Strait, which spans the length of the Great Ocean Road. Keep your eyes peeled during these cooler months.

Will I be able to see kangaroos/ koalas?

Yes, there are kangaroos and koalas throughout the Great Ocean Road’s bushland. However, due to these creatures being wild animals, we cannot guarantee a sighting during our Great Ocean Road tours.

How many people are on the tour?

For most of our Great Ocean Road Tours, the tour group size will range from a 12 to 33-seater bus. Our Large Coach tour has a bigger group size of up to 56 travellers.

Is lunch included on the tours?

The only tour which has lunch included in the ticket price is our 1 Day Great Ocean Road Reverse Tour. The rest of our tours offer free time for lunch at your own expense.

What towns do you visit on the tour?

We travel to a range of Great Ocean Road towns, with each tour having their own itinerary. The most visited towns include Apollo Bay, Port Campbell, and Lorne.

What is the policy for cancellations or refunds due to weather?

Tours will go ahead regardless of the weather. Please read our full cancellation policy here.

How do I pay for my tour?

To book our tours, simply click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button on our webpage, or alternatively, you can call our office on 1300 661 225 to book. You need to pay at the time of booking in full, with either a Visa or MasterCard.