A Birds Eye View of Great Ocean Road

A Birds Eye View of Great Ocean Road

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/13/2015

Reading time: 2 mins

Soar above the apostles and enjoy a once in a lifetime experience!

From the ground the Great Ocean Road is paradise on earth with its epic surf spots, blue and white beaches, rainforest splendour and chic coastal towns. Home too many of the world famous sights Australia has to offer you can see the 12 apostles standing in their awe and mystery upon the sands. The best way to discover the pristine beauty of the majestic Great Ocean Road is to opt for a helicopter tour and to soar through the sky.

Let the World Spread Beneath your Feet

Imagine lifting off to a whirlwind of sights viewed from the serenity of the air. Let the helicopter tour show you the wonder of the Great Ocean Road as you fly over the 12 apostles and see the impressive carved rock formations sculpted by the salt sea storms. See the raging swells roll in to the sugar-spun white sands and watch the ocean shimmering below you as it stretches to melt into the azure blue sky.

Historic Wonder with the 12 Apostles

From the air you can see more than the 12 apostles, you can take a tour and birds eye flight all the way down the dazzling Shipwreck Coast to the historic Cape Otway, home to one of the oldest lighthouses in Australia. You can head across the Bay of Islands and bask in the wonder of Peterborough, The Grotto and The Bay of Martyrs. The jewel in the crown of the exciting and evocative tour is the moment when you first catch glimpse of the mystical Loch Ard Gorge and the London Bridge which collapsed over a decade ago. Many helicopter tours of the Great Ocean Road include a delectable picnic lunch that you can enjoy with a leisurely touch down close to the 12 apostles for the full experience standing in the shadow of these towering ethereal rock formations.

Bring Bespoke Beauty to your Day

Helicopter tours of the Great Ocean Road bring a hint of luxury to your day. with an impressive array of fleets you can choose to explore the coast in sheer style. all helicopters are of the best bespoke quality and safety is always at the forefront of the experience. discovering the 12 apostles and the great ocean road by air offers excitement and convenience that cannot be matched.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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