Can you see whales in Warrnambool?

Can you see whales in Warrnambool?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/05/2023

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Warrnambool is a beautiful coastal town in Victoria that has yearly visits from whales.

Warrnambool is one of the largest towns along the Great Ocean Road. The town is towards the end of the road and is a five-and-a-half-hour long drive from Melbourne when travelling along the Great Ocean Road.

Every year you’ll have the chance to spot female southern right whales as they return to the waters at Logans Beach to calve.

When and where can I spot the whales?

You can spot the whales in winter between June and September every year! The best place to spot them is at the whale-watching platform at Logans Beach in Warrnambool.

How long have the whales been visiting Warrnambool?

The southern right whales have been coming by for hundreds of years! However, these giant animals were almost extinct due to hunting. Since the 1935 law came through to stop the hunting, whales have been thriving ever since and have grown in numbers.

Why do the whales come here?

The whales come by during winter as the water is warmer compared to the Antarctic, where they live during summer.

Closer to shore are where the females are as they care for the calves. The males and young adults are seen further out in the sea during this time.

What else can I do in Warrnambool?

Stingray Bay

Stingray Bay is a sheltered cove with beautiful clear rock pools and beautiful white sand. The bay is located at the mouth of the Merri River. During low tide, you can sometimes set up a picnic or go for a swim in the rock pools.

Sometimes when walking along the boardwalk you may spot some of the cute little penguins!

Granny’s Grave Beach

Granny’s Grave Beach is where Agnes Ruttleton, also known as Granny, is buried. She was the first European woman buried at Warrnambool who died in 1848.

The beach itself is a lovely area with great views of the ocean. Sometimes you’ll spot some wildlife here, including whales further out at sea!

Thunder Point

Thunder Point is a small coaster area with weathered sandstone cliffs. There is a beautiful scenic walk to do to reach Thunder Point. You’ll see the amazing 360-degree views along the way of the area including Merri River, Breakwater, and South Warrnambool wetlands.

All though the weather may be cold and wet during winter when the whales are out, you can still make a trip to Warrnambool over the weekend! Travel along the Great Ocean Road and make your way down here to spot some of these majestic creatures.

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