Exploring Ocean Grove on the Great Ocean Road

Exploring Ocean Grove on the Great Ocean Road

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/06/2016

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Being the largest town outside of Geelong on the Bellarine Peninsula, Ocean Grove is jam-packed with awesome attractions!

The Great Ocean Road is packed full of charming towns and seaside resorts, and Ocean Grove is one of them. Set along the Bellarine Peninsula, it promises visitors spectacular scenery and a laidback, beachfront lifestyle that’s so typical of this part of Australia.

The History of Ocean Grove

Ocean Grove began its life on a different continent. In 1869, a group of American Methodists set up a religious camp community on the edge of New Jersey in a place called Ocean Grove.

The camp became incredibly successful; so successful, in fact, that the community decided to spread their wings overseas and set up a similar camp in Australia. Initially, the camp was created near Point Lonsdale, but the Methodists soon realised they’d need more space to accommodate their community. So, in 1882, they established the Australian Ocean Grove community.

Ocean Grove Today

Today, Ocean Grove is the largest town on the Bellarine Peninsula and marks a popular stop-off point for anyone travelling along the Great Ocean Road. The combination of stunning views, sparkling waters, and fun activities makes it the perfect pit-stop on the route.

Not only is Ocean Grove the largest town, but it also boasts the largest shopping centre on the peninsula. Set just a couple of blocks from the sprawling beach, the centre is a huge hit with both tourists and locals. Here, numerous events take place every year, including festivals, music concerts, and several different seasonal markets.

As well as stand-alone events, the centre has a permanent collection of fashion outlets, tasty restaurants, and lively bars for visitors to get stuck into.

Things to do in Ocean Grove

It’s not just shopping that draws in the crowds, though. Ocean Grove has plenty to offer its guests, from stunning surfing beaches, fishing opportunities, kayaking, canoeing, and other outdoor adventures, to nature-focused activities like walking tracks and the Ocean Grove Nature Reserve.

In 2008, the area when under a development, which brought around a host of new attractions, including two new soccer pitches, and indoor swimming complete, and a skate park.

For anyone travelling the Great Ocean Road who wants to experience charming town life along the coast, Ocean Grove is the perfect place. With its collection of restaurants, bars, and shops, and its mixture of fun outdoor activities and nature walks, there is plenty to do for every kind of traveller.

Cameron Ward
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