Great Ocean Road Walk

Great Ocean Road Walk

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/19/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

Enjoy Great Ocean Road’s epic walking track that showcases the natural wonders of the landscape!

On a beautiful blue-skied day nothing can compare to the wonder of strolling along one of the most iconic stretches in the world – on the Great Ocean Road. The Great Ocean Road Walk is a staggering 104-kilometer trek across the rugged coastline of Victoria; you can watch the wonder of Mother Nature unfold with every step, from secret beaches to rich green national parks teeming with wildlife, charming resort towns perched on the edge of the ocean and historical sites of splendor like the 12 apostles. Whether you choose to explore every inch of the Great Ocean Road or whether you prefer to dabble with a few light treks, one thing is for sure, you will be blown away by the beauty.

  • The 12 Apostles

    One of the highlights of the Great Ocean Road Walk has to be the incredible 12 apostles. Standing tall on the windswept beach, these amazing monoliths have been carved by nature and seem to hold a mystical aura. The arches have crumbled leaving the 20 million year old rock structures towering against the cliffs. Meandering along the beach during sunset shows the rock structures soaked in gold and red making for an awe inspiring sight.

  • Port Campbell National Park

    Made up of about 1,750-hectares of national park, Port Campbell is truly worth the stop in! Passing along the cliffs in the Port Campbell National Park is another splendid highlight of the Great Ocean Road Walk, the lush heathers, the scent of wildflowers and the secluded beaches boasting old stories of shipwrecks makes for a fascinating place to picnic and explore with lots of swim spots included.

  • The Otways

    Dip away from the splendid azure sea views and into the depths of the deep green forests as you pass through the Otways National Park. Under an emerald canopy, you can find the tumbling beauty of Triplet Falls. Enshrouded in silvery mist and with giant fern trees surrounding it, this is the perfect beauty spot for escaping the sun. Immerse yourself in the lush greenery and discover some of the unique animals and ancient plants that are scattered about the rainforest. You don’t even need to leave after dusk settles within the region, as there are many camping ground that let you stargaze the night away!

  • Charming Seaside Towns

    The Great Ocean Road Walk will introduce you to plenty of charming seaside towns that offer exceptional hospitality. Sleeping in soft beds, eating fresh seafood and sipping wine as you overlook the majestic ocean is the only way to experience the warm welcome of Victoria. Popular towns to spend a day or two include Lorne and Apollo Bay. Surf lovers should be sure to swing by the famous shores of Bells Beach, the iconic home of Australian Surfing.

The Great Ocean Road Walk is the finest way to embrace the great outdoors and experience Mother Nature in her best dress. With endless treks and paths you can do something different every day.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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