How long is the Kennett River Koala Walk?

There is a very good reason why it’s called the Kennett River “Koala Walk”: the whole track is full of these cuddly little tree chillers!

Kennett River, Great Ocean Road

The walk is one of the main attractions of the Great Ocean Road, providing tourists with the opportunity to spot plenty of koala bears as well as a host of other unique wildlife.

Situated two and a half hour drive southwest of Melbourne along Victoria’s incredible Great Ocean Road, the koala walk is actually located on Grey River Road, a 15 km stretch of road between the coast and the country. But don’t let that number deter you – you can see plenty of koalas in the first few kilometres from Kafe Koala, located at the very start of Grey River Road!

In fact, you can probably see the most koalas in the six km between Kafe Koala and the Grey River Picnic Area, and they’re in no small abundance, either. You are sure to spot a couple of cuddly koalas taking it easy in their natural habitat – it’s such an awesome experience!

A rare place to see koalas in large numbers

Locals and tourists alike often make the mistake that koalas are found in every part of Australia – this simply isn’t true! Koalas spend most of their time hanging out in eucalyptus trees, languidly stripping them of their leaves and eating them for the small number of nutrients they provide (hence why they are so chilled all the time).

Well, you’re totally in luck when you come to the Kennet River Koala Walk, as the abundance of eucalyptus trees makes for the perfect koala campground. This is one of Australia’s rare places where you can experience a larger koala population in their natural habitat, and why it’s such an awesome attraction for local and international travellers.

There are other awesome animals there, too!

The Kennet River Koala Walk’s natural surroundings are the perfect playground for Victoria’s unique biodiversity. The walk is absolutely teeming with wildlife! From colourful king parrots to playful cockatoos, little wallabies to cheeky kookaburras, this is truly one of south east Oz’s best places to see a whole cast of quirky wildlife in their element.

Whether you want to traverse the whole 15 km or spot a few koalas a few minutes down the track, you are sure to have a great day out seeing amazing wildlife on the Kennet River Koala Walk.

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