How to enjoy the Great Ocean Road’s Summertime

How to enjoy the Great Ocean Road’s Summertime

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/14/2020

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Enjoy the clear blue skies and blistering hot days of Australia’s summer down at Victoria’s blissful coastal region!

Celebrate the hot weather at Victoria’s coastline, known as one of the most stunning scenic roads around; The Great Ocean Road! It is a fantastic region any time of year, but summertime brings its own bag of magnificent activities. From epic outdoor adventures to fun festivals, visitors can enjoy the world-famous Great Ocean Road at its sunny best. Take a look at just some of the glorious things you can enjoy during the hottest season in Australia!

  • Surf the Beaches

    One of the main draws of the Great Ocean Road is its beaches. The entire road borders on the stunning coastline, so no matter how far you drive down, you’ll be in the vicinity of a sandy seaside spot. The large waves of the Great Ocean Road’s beaches make it the perfect surfing region, and regardless of your surfing abilities, you will be spoilt for choice! If you’d prefer to skip the surfing, you can instead stroll down the soft sands for a beach walk, or head to the nearby rock pools to discover the local marine wildlife.

  • Explore the Rainforest

    In the summertime, the rainforest can be a supreme break from the scorching heat of the area. The large ferns and high trees create a thick canopy, creating a much cooler temperature amidst the lush greenery. There are an even a few waterfalls hidden about the rainforest, so visitors can cool off from the hot sun in these natural swimming spots!

  • Camp under the Stars

    There is no better time to perfect your outdoor camping setup than during the Great Ocean Road’s summertime. No season is more closely associated with this activity than during the hotter months, with the limited rainfall and multitude of outdoor activities helping you enjoy the true beauty of the region even more! Don’t stop your sightseeing after the sun sets, as early evening walks or night-time campfires can help you revel in your oceanfront adventure even more!

  • Enjoy a Summer Festival

    Celebrate the region’s delicious produce and unique talent with the herd of music, food, and drink festivals. The clear blue skies and endless hot days can be the perfect backdrop to these events, with visitors relishing both the classic Aussie summer and the unique festivals on offer! From musical events such as the Gellibrand River Blues and Blueberry Festival to the delicious Apollo Bay Seafood Festival, there is an event on for any taste.

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