The Great Ocean Road Marathon

The Great Ocean Road Marathon

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/24/2015

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Enjoy a run in one of Australia’s most picturesque marathon tracks!

The Great Ocean Road is known as one of the best road trips in the world. At 243 kilometres of pure coastline bliss, it’s no wonder people have been travelling this road for decades. With multiple photo opportunities, beautiful beaches, and unique landmarks, the Great Ocean Road is a destination for every interest. What many visitors don’t know about the destination is that every year the road shuts down for a special event; The Great Ocean Road Marathon.

The marathon was first created in 2004, when it became alarmingly apparent that people wanted to visit the Great Ocean Road by foot rather than by car. From there, the marathon was born. Now every May, runners of all backgrounds can register to be a part of the most scenic marathon or half-marathon in the world. Thousands have participated in this running event for the past 11 years, making it increasingly more popular each year. People from all over the world participate in the coastline run, from Singapore to the UK. The course is not for everyone as it has challenging inclines that even the most athletic runners have a trouble keeping up their energy.

The course starts at the small town of Lorne (about two hours from Melbourne) and continues on the Great Ocean Road 44 kilometres to Apollo Bay. The course is filled with aid and drinking stations, making it easy to get help or a drink of water if needed.

If you are a competitive runner, this run might be for you. Along with claiming top dog, there are monetary prizes for the top runners in each category. The amount is upwards to $3,000! If you are not wanting to compete, it’s ok too. Majority of the runners register for the race for fun and exercise. Not to mention the ridiculous panoramic view of the ocean and the opportunity to see Australia’s wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s not uncommon for runners to see kangaroos on the side of the road or hanging out on the beach!

There are many different distances you can register to run. Although the race is highly advertised for the marathon, there is the option to run a half-marathon, 14 km, and 6 km route. They have a short 1.5 km loop for kids who want to race just like their parents.

It doesn’t matter if you can run 100 kilometres or struggle with running 3 kilometres, this marathon encourages all runners to sign up and experience the Great Ocean Road on foot to discover the land with a whole new perspective.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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