Top Things to do in The Grampians National Park

Top Things to do in The Grampians National Park

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/14/2016

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Set along the beautiful Great Ocean Road, the Grampians National Park comprises a series of jutting sandstone mountain ranges that are layered with lush forests.

Halls Gap in the Grampians

They seem to appear out of nowhere from the surrounding Western Plains and prove incredibly popular with visitors to Victoria.

If you’re in Victoria, you better save time to visit the Grampians National Park. A couple hours drive from Melbourne and you are there. The Grampians offer a nature lover the perfect getaway from the city. With over 1,600 square kilometres to explore, there is plenty of room to play.

Here, you can get stuck into a range of fun outdoor activities amongst the hearty collection of nature and wild scenery. Grab your walking boots and get hiking, try your hand at some climbing, or simply take a scenic drive through the spectacular landscape.

Try out some of these things to do while you’re there:

  • Take a Hike

    There is a network of pretty walking tracks that crisscross through the park, giving you the chance to get up close and personal with nature, marvel at the cascading waterfalls, and enjoy breath-taking views from the series of lookout points.

    Hiking the many trails is the most popular activity in the area, especially the main trail leading up the highest point called The Pinnacle. From this view point, you are able to have a 360 degree view over the entire national park, making for an amazing sight. This point is so popular, it’s been made famous by many local professional photographers and it’s not uncommon to see this picture in tourism guides, art galleries, and postcards. The Pinnacle is located in the Wonderland region of the park. Other attractions nearby are the Balconies and “The Grand Canyon,” which are a spectacular photo opportunity.

    These favourite spots are located conveniently close to the town of Halls Gap. The small town of Halls Gap is the largest populated area in the region and provides a great starting point for visitors. Here, you can get information on the park, plan your trip and get insider tips on the best spots to visit.

  • Visit Brambuk Cultural Centre

    The Grampians boast a rich Aboriginal history, which you can delve into at the Brambuk Cultural Centre. Here, you can browse displays that highlight the heritage of the region and discover some of the fascinating secrets behind its natural backdrop.

    There are five different Aboriginal communities in the area, and the Grampians have been named a national heritage site, due to its relationship with them and the richness of the land.

    Located south of the Halls Gap township, this little slice of cultural heaven provides guests with a café, a theatre, and bush tucker walks with experienced guides.

  • Local Food

    The Grampians National Park isn’t just all about getting outdoors. It’s home to one of the most famous wine and food festivals in Australia. The Grape Escape is a long-running festival that highlights over 100 wineries and businesses in Victoria over one weekend. Visitors are able to taste and sample the locals favourites, as well as purchase one-of-a-kind wines and other products.

  • Ancient Art

    Because it has such a lengthy and rich Aboriginal history, the Grampians National Park is home to some incredible rock art that dates back thousands and thousands of years. Hidden away in sandstone shelters and nestled between the soaring mountains, you can trace history back via a series of ancient paintings. Billimina Shelter, Gulgurn Manja Shelter, and the Manja Shelter are some of the best places to go to enjoy this phenomenon.

  • Grab Adventure by the Horns

    The natural landscape of the Grampians makes for some amazing active adventures. Out in the fresh air of the park, you can try out bushwalking with knowledgeable guides or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, try your hand at rock climbing amongst the rugged cliff faces.

Elsewhere, you can hit up the selection of pristine lakes and go fishing or canoeing to explore the area from a different perspective. Lake Bellfield and Lake Wartook are ideal for this. Alternatively, you can choose to take an overnight trek to discover the region at night, or simply wander along the many hiking trails that meander through the region.

Tours operate out of Melbourne and offer multi-day trips to experience the Grampians National Park and its surroundings. Going with a tour group provides extensive information on the region and a local’s perspective of what the Grampians mean to the community and country of Australia.

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