Visiting the Great Ocean Road in Winter: What to Expect

Visiting the Great Ocean Road in Winter: What to Expect

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/29/2024

Reading time: 3 mins

Even during the winter months, the Great Ocean Road boasts spectacular scenic views along the coast.

The Great Ocean Road is one of Victoria’s most popular travel destinations. When winter hits, the Great Ocean Road has fewer crowds which can be the perfect time to visit for those who want to avoid crowds.

The 243 kilometre road is filled with spectacular views, world famous rock formations, and a range of Australian wildlife all year round. You can still visit the Twelve Apostles and other popular attractions, but here are a few things to expect during your winter travels.

Go whale watching

The only time of year you can spot whales is around the winter months. From June to September, you could be lucky to spot blue whales, humpbacks, southern rights, and sometimes even orca whales!

The best way to see them is from Logans Beach, especially at the whale viewing platform.

The weather

Given it is winter, you’ll expect it’ll be cold, especially along the coast. The Great Ocean Road can become a very windy place as well, and you can expect it to likely rain and be cloudy.

Don’t let the weather scare you off though! Rug up in appropriate clothing and appreciate the beautiful scenery the Great Ocean Road provides.

With the cold weather, we recommend visiting the Deep Blue Hot Springs.

Fewer people

Even though the Great Ocean Road is still a popular destination, there aren’t as many people visiting compared to summer. Fewer people mean the main attractions like the Twelve Apostles aren’t as crowded.

Cheaper accommodation

Generally around the winter months is when a lot of things drop in price, and accommodation is one of them! If you’re on a budget, then visiting the Great Ocean Road in winter could be your best option to snatch up cheap accommodation for your travels!

Best ways to explore the Great Ocean Road

One of the better ways to see the Great Ocean Road is by driving a car, allowing you the freedom to go at your own pace. Though most travellers don’t have a car and may not feel comfortable enough to drive the roads of the Great Ocean Road, that’s when a tour comes in handy.

A one day tour starts early in the morning to give you more time in the day to see the main highlights of Great Ocean Road. A one day tour is also best for those who are short on time.

If you have more time to spare, the two day tour will be best for you to see more attractions and scenic views.

The Great Ocean Road is truly a terrific place to visit all year round to admire the rock formations and the coastline as you’re travelling along the road. Remember to bring good winter clothes as you’ll need them!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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