Whale Watch at Logan’s Beach

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s best loved tourist destinations. Its wild coastline promises surreal sea views, impressive cliff faces, and a range of environments, from lush rainforests to sprawling beaches.

But it’s not just the landscape that draws in visitors. In fact, the prospect of incredible wildlife sightings is one of the biggest draws to the region. Not only can you spot native creatures in their natural habitat, but you can catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s most mesmerising creatures.

Between the months of May and October, nearby Southern Right Whales return to Logan’s Beach to give birth to and raise their young. These magnificent creatures come back to their “nursery” every year, where they can safely and securely bring their offspring into the world.

If you head to Logan’s Beach during this time, you might be lucky enough to see these amazing creatures at play as they splash around in the waves and bask just off the coastline. They tend to hang around just off the shore in the shelter of Lady Bay, giving visitors easy viewing of these gentle mothers and their children.

Logan’s Beach is laid out perfectly for whale watching. It boasts its very own whale viewing platform that is strategically placed so you can get the best views of the ocean and the Southern Right Whales, and there are number of tools rangers in the area use to keep you up to date with the arrival and daily movements of the resident whales.

If you visit Logan’s Beach, prepare to have your breath taken away. Not only will you get the chance to soak up the incredible scenery that defines this part of the Great Ocean Road, but you’ll be able to see some of nature’s most majestic creatures. The viewing platform proves a popular pit stop for visitors travelling along the route, particularly during the winter months. It sits to the east of the Bay and overlooks the sea around Lady Bay, providing visitors with 24-hour access to the whales and their offspring for free.

Whale watching in this part of Australia really is a once in a lifetime experience, and the Southern Right Whales make the experience particularly incredible. From the platform and its surrounding areas, you can watch as they play around and raise their young in their stunning natural habitat.

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