What is the best part of the Great Ocean Road?

What is the best part of the Great Ocean Road?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/03/2021

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The Great Ocean Road is Australia’s stunning answer to the Pacific Highway. This incredible stretch of coastline is characterised by towering clifftops, lush eucalyptus forests, windswept shorelines and wild ocean expanses, not to mention a few natural wonders along the way!

Surfer on Torquay Beach

To say there is a “best part” of the Great Ocean Road would be unfair to its other parts – it’s all that wonderful! From the otherworldly Port Campbell National Park to the elegant township of Lorne all the way through to the surfing paradise that is Torquay, the Great Ocean Road has no best part, but a series of best parts creating one of the world’s best drives.

This is exactly why…

The Port Campbell National Park

Towering limestone formations, awe-inspiring gorges and surreal grottos dot the landscape of the Port Campbell National Park, Australia’s encapsulation of a Dali painting.

Whether you’re checking out the 12 Apostles (which is really now the “Eight Apostles”, combing the beachfront at the majestic Loch Ard Gorge or peering through the cave formation and into the wild waters beyond the Grotto, the Port Campbell National Park has a very special place in the hearts of travellers from across the world!

Lovely Lorne

Lorne is one of Australia’s most beautiful and elegant towns – there, we said it! Why? Because it starts with a gorgeous beach that moves onto a vibrant foreshore into a hip town that backs onto expansive forests of cascading waterfalls.

It doesn’t really matter how you spend your time in Lorne, you can just be sure that you’re going to truly enjoy yourself! The beach is wonderful, so are the sea baths, as are the gorgeous Erskine Falls located not far from town!

Oh, and did we mention Lorne is full of awesome cafes, bars and restaurants serving up cuisine from all over the world?

Surfing Torquay

Torquay is Australia’s surfing centrepoint, a place that holds the National Surfing Museum as well as the birthplace of Quiksilver and Rip Curl. Given that it has such a close connection to wave riding it is only natural that there is some pretty awesome surf around town.

Not only this, but Torquay is perfect for people of all skill levels, making it a wonderful place to try out this awesome sport with a local surf school!

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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