What is the difference between the Great Ocean Road regular and large coach tours?

What is the difference between the Great Ocean Road regular and large coach tours?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/10/2019

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The long, stretching highway of the Great Ocean Road spans along the Victorian Coast of Australia.

Famous for its ocean views and charming towns, the road is listed as one of the world’s greatest coastal road trips. We promise numerous ways to see this Australian highlight, with one-day tours, multiple day trips, or combo journeys. But by far the most popular tours on offer are our one-day adventures, including our 1 Day Great Ocean Road & 12 Apostles Tour or the 1 Day Great Ocean Road Large Coach. But what is actually the difference? Seeing as they are both one-day trips in the same location, some visitors to our website might be a tad confused with the difference. But have no fear as this article will clear everything up for you.

Our Regular Tour

Our regular tour is by far our most popular tour. With an exceptional price and an extensive amount of inclusions, travellers get a jam-packed day to see all that the Great Ocean Road has to offer.

  • Small Bus

    This tour gives you a closer interaction with the guide in the max 24-seater bus. Don’t get lost in the crowd but really connect with your guide throughout the day.

  • Lots of Walking

    Get out of the stuffy bus and join this tour for more time out in the fresh air. With endless stops and exploring, including a bush walk through the Otway’s National Park, we suggest bringing your walking shoes for this adventure.

  • Morning tea Included

    As the tour starts early (around 7 am) the tour gives you a light morning tea to refuel you from your morning weariness.

  • Lunch included

    What’s great about this tour is that a full café style lunch is included in the ticket price. Giving you both a day amidst the stunning scenery and a delicious lunch to go with it.

  • Wildlife Viewing

    If you’re looking to meet the local wildlife, this tour takes you to Great Ocean Road’s best wildlife spots. Marvel at the lazy koalas and brilliant colourful birds hanging in the overhanging branches.

Our Large Coach

Our large coach is very similar in the regular tour’s route and attractions. With an itinerary largely the same as the regular but set in the luxury large coach. The large coach is recommended to elderly passenger and young families with children under the ages of 2 years. The tour promises a cheaper tour, shorter day, less walking, and more comfortable setting while you enjoy the adventure.

  • Improved Comfort

    The large coach is a forty-eight-seater bus with Wi-Fi, reclinable seats and a bathroom on board. This allows passengers a more comfortable journey for the day compared to the small twenty-four-seater bus on our regular.

  • Less Walking

    Kick back and relax on this journey, with little to no exercise done throughout the day. The regular Great Ocean Road tour’s biggest endurance activity involves a bushwalk through the Otway’s National Park. For the large coach, this is cut out and replaced with a relaxing drive through the rainforest, letting you see the wonders of the lush greenery from the comfort of your reclined seat.

  • Lunch isn’t included

    The price difference with both these tours does depend on a few factors. One of the main factors involves lunch inclusion and exclusion. The Large coach is the cheaper tour but requires passengers to buy for their lunch at their own expense. Even despite this extra cost, the tour still enjoys lunch together, all tucking into some fish and chips on Apollo Bay’s beach.

  • Shorter Day

    A full day of sightseeing can be straining on anyone, not to mention young children. This tour lets you see everything the Great Ocean Road has to offer and gets you home by 7:30pm which is around two hours before the regular.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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