What is there to do between Lorne and Torquay?

What is there to do between Lorne and Torquay?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/04/2023

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Lorne and Torquay are two seaside towns along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

Lorne is one of the more popular towns on the Great Ocean Road. The town is popular for its arts community and surfing. Torquay is at the end of the Great Ocean Road. Between the two towns, there are a lot of attractions and towns to stop and view.

Memorial Arch

The Memorial Arch is a wooden arch and there is a statue nearby. The arch was made in honour of the soldiers from World War I who helped work on the Great Ocean Road. There are two digger soldier statues next to the Memorial Arch. The statue opened in 2007, for the 75th anniversary of the Great Ocean Road.

Aireys Inlet

Aireys Inlet is a small town on the Great Ocean Road. There are viewpoints and attractions in the town to see. Split Point Lighthouse might look familiar if you watched the TV show Round the Twist. The lighthouse is great to visit to get incredible views of the coastline and the town. Popular viewpoints are Eagle Rock Lookout and Split Point Lookout. From both viewpoints, you’ll see Eagle Rock, the ocean, and the beach. Eagle Rock is a volcanic stack that is down surrounded by limestone. There is also Table Rock which has eroded from the weather and waves.


Anglesea is full of cliffs, walking trails and a sandy white beach. Anglesea Beach is a stunning 400 metre long beach. The beach is connected to the Anglesea River. This river is a great spot to fish just off the beach. Loveridge Lookout was once used as a spot watch out for an enemy attack. The lookout has views of the greenery and the coastline.

Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

A delicious stopover along the Great Ocean Road. This chocolate shop opened in 2016 and has European chocolateries and pastry chefs. There are about 250 chocolates to pick from, suitable for anyone who’s a chocolate lover. You can also stop by to have brunch or lunch with a delicious hot chocolate which is a must have!

Bells Beach

Bells Beach is one of the world’s greatest surfing beaches. Bells Beach is about a 15 minute drive from Torquay. Surfers everywhere love coming to Bells Beach to catch a wave. Even though it’s a great spot to surf in, it isn’t recommended to swim. If you do want to swim, ensure there are low waves and stick closer inshore. If you’re not a surfer, take Bells Beach as an opportunity to watch the surfers in the distance and relax in the sand.

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