Exploring Gibson Steps on the Great Ocean Road

Gibson Steps are a part of the sprawling expanse of Port Campbell National Park, one of the most popular attractions along Australia’s Great Ocean Road.

Just moments from the renowned site of the Twelve Apostles natural wonder, the steps boast beautiful scenery and plenty of opportunities for exploring. They take visitors from the top of the cliff down onto the pristine beach, giving you the chance to soak up both the views from the top and the rugged coastline that the region is known for.

The steps themselves have been naturally carved into the cliff face, where hundreds of years of rain and wind have sculpted and honed them to perfection. They are finished off with two soaring stacks in the ocean which are affectionately known as Gog and Magog – you can see both of them from the viewing platform at the top of the steps.

What to Do at Gibson Steps

As well as admiring the stunning views and walking along the sandy shores of the beach that the Gibson Steps go down onto, there are plenty of other things you can do while in the area.

The beach itself is popular for fishing, and the shallow waters boasts an abundance of colourful fish species and sea creatures. However, if you’re planning on taking a swim, you might want to rethink your decision as there are some ferocious reefs and rip holes that generate choppy waves.

The History of the Gibson Steps

Though the steps now look like a part of the landscape, they were actually manmade by local settler Hugh Gibson. He carved them into the face of the cliff as a route for the Kirrae Whurrong people who regularly travelled down the cliff face to the beach.

Getting to the Gibson Steps

Getting to the steps is easy. There is a designated carpark for the attraction which leads you directly onto the viewing platform and to the steps. Alternatively, if you fancy a longer exploration, you can take the one-kilometre trail from the Twelve Apostles to the Gibson Steps. The path that takes you there goes underneath the Great Ocean Road near the Gibson Steps viewing platform where you can get beach access.

Exploring everything the Great Ocean Road has to offer is a must-do on every visitor to Australia’s to-do list and the Gibson Steps mark the perfect place to start.

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