Koala Spotting at Kennett River

Australia is famed for its eclectic selection of wildlife, much of which is endemic to the country – we’re talking kangaroos, emus, wallabies, wombats and the like. And koalas.

Koalas are an iconic image of Australia, with plenty of people travelling to the country with the dream of seeing them in real life or, even better, cuddling up to them. At the Kennett River, you can do just this.

In the small hamlet of the river, you’ll find a spot that’s perfect for catching a glimpse of these cute critters. Once you turn into Grey River Road, you’ll be able to see the koalas lazing around in the resident gum trees.

The best time to visit? In the late afternoon when they’re more active, eating and grooming and looking for more food. They tend to sleep throughout most of the day, so try and catch them on the move if you can.

The funny thing about koalas is that, despite them being a recognisable image of Australia, not many people know much about them. Sure, anyone can tell you that they eat a lot of eucalyptus and they live in trees, but what else do you know about this furry little creatures?

The Koalas of Kennett River

Firstly, though you might think that koalas can be found all over the country – they are one of the most iconic animals, after all – they can actually only be spotted in certain places, the Kennett River being one of these. They tend to hang out in the coastal parts of the country, but if you’re hoping to see some in Western Australia, you’re going to be out of luck.

The Kennett River, located in Victoria along the picturesque expanse of the Great Ocean Road is a prime spotting sight for seeing koalas up close and personal in the wild.

Here, there are hundreds of koala colonies lurking around, making their homes in the dense forests and even in more urbanised spots around the region – keep your eyes peeled enough, and you might just see one of these cheeky characters making their way across someone’s balcony or casually crossing the road without a care in the world.

Seeing these creatures in their natural habitat is a magical experience that not many people get the opportunity to do. So, if you want to get to know more about these cute critters and watch them as they laze about in gum trees, head to the Kennett River for some prime viewing opportunities.

Spot the Koalas at Kennett River on our Great Ocean Road and 12 Apostles Tour.

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