Outdoor Activities that you don’t want to miss on the Great Ocean Road

Outdoor Activities that you don’t want to miss on the Great Ocean Road

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/22/2019

Reading time: 3 mins

Get out in the open of Great Ocean Road’s outdoors and experience the true beauty of the landscape!

With dramatic rock formations, a rugged coastline and an ancient rainforest, what’s not to love about the Great Ocean Road? With more than 200 kilometres of road to explore, you’ll never be stuck on what to do, no matter what time of year it is. Take the 12 Apostles, for example, a world-famous coastal attraction that brings tourists in their thousands every day to the shore. But don’t leave after you see that, it can take a few days to fully experience the very best of the Great Ocean Road. Venture on the road less travelled into the untouched beauty of the Great Otway National Park exploring the many bike and hiking trails to beautiful waterfalls. If you’re a water baby by nature, what better place to take a dip in the water than at the famed Bells Beach, a worldwide surfing favourite, or kayak through natural wildlife habitats.

  • 1. Surfing

    From the iconic Bells Beach in Torquay to the sandy shores of Warrnambool, there are surf spots dotted along the Great Ocean Road for hundreds of kilometres. If you’re a beginner, it’s recommended that you grab a lesson in Apollo Bay where the water is a bit calmer for first-timers and the beach is patrolled. For the more experienced surfers, why not try Gibsons Beach, home to the famed 12 Apostles, the waves here are perfect for those with advanced skills and it’s usually a less crowded area. The best way to exploring the surfing culture on the Great Ocean Road is to venture to the birthplace of surf culture itself; Torquay. It’s in Torquay that you’ll find where top companies like Rip Curl and Quicksilver made names for themselves over 30 years. Why not pick up some surfing gear if you want to look the part or even just take home a souvenir unlike anything else you can get on the Great Ocean Road.

  • 2. Biking and Walking Trails

    Pass by the Great Otway National Park and you’ll find 16 trails around the village of Forrest. Ride through scenic bush landscapes or hike to magical waterfalls through the Lorne. For something a little shorter, why not take a heritage trail around the villages along the Great Ocean Road. There’s a walking or bike trail for all levels of skill and experience through gorgeous vistas of surf and sand or greenery for another way to explore the ancient rainforest.

  • 3. Canoeing and Kayaking

    There are plenty of spots to kayak around the Great Ocean Road, notably in Anglesea, Apollo Bay and Lorne. For canoeing, you may want to visit Lake Colac or Glenelg River. This outdoor activity is the perfect way to explore a myriad of landscapes such as bushlands, mountains and gorges. There’s even the opportunity to kayak overlooking a seal colony and watch the seals in their natural habitat. Discover the jagged coastline on an adrenaline-pumping journey or slow things down with a relaxing journey through a calm riverbed. Why not travel through a volcanic lake near Camperdown for a beautifully recreational journey.

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