Where are the Grampians

Where are the Grampians

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/21/2020

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Trek along walking tracks that lead to dazzling waterfalls, wildlife and jaw-dropping lookouts!

A natural reserve home to one of the world’s oldest and most majestic sandstone mountains! Spanning out thousands of acres of bushland, the region is rich in native wildlife, perfect for an outdoor adventure! Take in both the extraordinary landscape and the history that goes with it, with the Grampians being a hub for traditional culture. Take a look at how you can plan your next outdoor trip here!

Its Location

The Grampians are in the lush outback of Victoria. Found approximately three-hours west of Melbourne, or a 2 and a half journey north of the Great Ocean Road. Due to its bush landscape, the major choice of travel is driving, as public transport is limited here and can result in doubling your journey time. Driving yourself or hopping on a tour is by far the best alternatives, as it lets you cruise along the winding roads which weave through the lush scenery.

What to do there

  • Stay at Halls Gap

    Regarded as the main accommodation base within the Grampians, this charming village offers visitors a delightful trip both in and out of the town. Bordered with impressive natural scenery around its edges, many visitors spend their days getting lost within the lush greenery. Hiking or cycling along the many walking trails as they see the impressive array of wildlife hidden about. There is even canoeing, rock-climbing, and abseiling for those after something a little more extreme. After running out of steam, folk can head back to town and refuel at the friendly cafes and restaurants strewn about. If you haven’t had any luck seeing the native animals in the wild, you can even visit the town’s zoo for a guaranteed kangaroo, emu, or bird sighting!

  • Marvel at Boroka Lookout

    Give yourself some of the most unforgettable panoramic views of the Grampians by visiting the Boroka Lookout! Showcasing views of the entire Halls Gaps as well as the surrounding bushland. It is only 15 kilometres from the said village, making it an easy morning or afternoon adventure to enjoy for any kind of traveller. Even come here for the picture-perfect view of the sunset or sunrise!

  • Learn about the Traditional Owners of the Land

    The traditional owners of the land, the Aboriginal people of the Grampians, are a significant community for the region. Visit the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre and learn about this acient culture and their connection to the land. The entire centre is completely owned by the Aboriginal community, all who are passionate to share their history and beliefs with visitors. Simply wander around the centre and see the impressive information and artefacts displays about!

  • Visit the Cascading Waterfalls

    The Grampians has a number of waterfalls flowing over the clifftops and mountainsides of the region. Ranging from small trickles to massive thundering falls, cascading straight into weaving rivers or large water pools. The most noteworthy is Mackenzie Falls, regarded as one of Victoria’s most stunning waterfalls. Hikers can trek up to this impressive site and see the impressive spray of water.

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