Should you visit the Great Ocean Road during winter?

Should you visit the Great Ocean Road during winter?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/28/2019

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Don’t hibernate the winter away but get out and enjoy the fabulous region of the Great Ocean Road

Each year the Great Ocean Road receives millions of visitors who come to see the coastal landmarks that have made the route famous and stay for the wildlife and the friendly hospitality of the locals they’ll meet along the way. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t just visit in the summer period! So, if you’re planning a trip to Victoria during the cooler months, don’t rule out the Great Ocean Road because of a little bit of rain. Read on to discover the events and attractions that are even more beautiful during the wintertime.

  • Explore the vibrant colours of a lush forest on nature hikes

    The first activity that is all the better in winter is hiking! The reason for this is that without the sun beating down on you and the constant humidity produced in summer, the hikes are a lot easier to do! The canopy of the trees will protect you from rain and there are plenty of trails in the Great Otway National Park to explore all throughout the season to prep you for walks in the warmer months.

  • Magical and Thunderous Waterfalls = Instagram worthy Photos

    Following on from that, the rainy weather has a lot more benefits for the Great Otway National Park. Heavy rainfalls mean that when you visit the magical waterfalls that call the rainforest home, they will be coming down in full force! Trust us when we say that these make for amazing photo opportunities.

  •  Whale watch before they head to warmer waters

    Another reason why you should visit the Great Ocean Road during winter? Its whale migrating season! Between the months of June to October, you have the chance to spot the Southern Right Whales as they too escape the cooler waters for more warmer destinations. You can check out these majestic creatures at Logans Beach near Warrnambool.

  • The Budget-Friendly Travellers Dream

    If you’re a budget-conscious traveller, you’ll already know that travelling in the off-season means that the prices are generally a lot cheaper. This means that you have a better chance of grabbing hot deals from nice accommodations that in the summertime are usually booked out and a lot pricier. A side note of this is that the Great Ocean Road is a lot less crowded in general meaning that pictures you take of the 12 Apostles won’t feature anyone in the background.

  • The mysterious Winterwild festival

    And then there’s Winterwild! Each year in one of the Great Ocean Road’s largest suburbs; Apollo Bay, a mysterious and spiritual festival makes its way to town. Musical performances centred around an annual theme (this year its Vision and Ecstasies) are held throughout various locations in the town. Dogwatch is the prime event during Winterwild and will change the way you perceive the Great Ocean Road during winter. The night sky is illuminated by the light of a blaze that forms inside of a wrecked boat. Performers, both local and visiting, will enchant you in a way that will reconnect you with the elements. Winterwild is the perfect way to embrace the rain and wind and the beauty of Mother Nature.

Embrace the chilly conditions and explore the beauty of the dramatic coastline against a stormy sky, the magic of the firelight at Winterwild and the walking trails of the Great Ocean Road.

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