Why You Should Visit these Four Towns?

Why You Should Visit these Four Towns?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/21/2019

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The Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres of pure coastal beauty and rolling hills that spans from Torquay to Allansford.

Amongst this stunning landscape are towns, some small and some larger, but each with their own unique beauty. There truly is a town for everyone to enjoy on this coastal journey, one for the waterfall lovers, wildlife enthusiasts and beach goers! If you’re planning on a little R&R during your trip, don’t worry as you’ll have plenty of time for that as well what with all the specialty seafood restaurants and boutiques that you’ll discover. Here are four towns that can’t be missed along the Great Ocean Road.

  • Torquay


    The start of your Great Ocean Road journey begins in Torquay but be sure to stop and explore this beachy town. Torquay is well known for its surfing culture, and proximity to Bells Beach, a famous surf beach. It’s also the home of the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition in April. If you need to stock up on your surfboard or swimwear, stop in Torquay for some excellent shopping at Rip curl, Roxy and Quicksilver. If you’re a chocolate lover, hop on over to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie for scrumptious treats that are perfect for the long journey ahead!

  • Lorne


    Lorne is one of, if not the most popular towns to visit on the Great Ocean Road. The views on the way to Lorne are stunning, and the town centre is only 10 minutes away from 10 different waterfalls. The beaches are fantastic in Lorne, however if you want a break from the water, there are some specialty boutique shops and cafes that you should check out. If you’re a waterfall chaser, head to Erskine Falls and marvel at the sheer beauty of the rainforest’s ancient ferns.

  • Kennett River

    This quiet town is home to a mere 50 residents, which makes it very popular with koalas. Along Grey River Road, you’ll no doubt spot koalas and colourful rosellas nestled among the trees. Kennett River is halfway between Apollo Bay and Lorne and is a haven for wildlife along with being very picturesque. It’s here that you can also spot dolphins and whales during the months of May to September or take a swim at the patrolled beach but note that it’s only patrolled during peak season.

  • Apollo Bay

    Apollo Bay

    Apollo Bay is a popular tourist stop that you’ll find most tour companies stop at because of its beautiful hill meets sea landscape and amazing seafood. With a population of 2,200 residents, Apollo Bay is one of the larger towns on the Great Ocean Road and has a range of restaurants, cafes and markets for you to enjoy. Stopping in this town means you’re at the midway point of the Great Ocean Road! Apollo Bay is a great spot to base yourself at as there’s rainforests and waterfalls to explore, as well as the nearby Cape Otway Lighthouse; the oldest lighthouse in Australia! If you’re a history buff, head to the Bass Strait Shell Museum to discover shells, coral and marine specimens or visit the Old Cable Station Museum.

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