Where to Watch the Sunset on the Great Ocean Road

Where to Watch the Sunset on the Great Ocean Road

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2016

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The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most scenic drives, with coastal views, rainforests, and rock formations.

From the lush rainforests to the sandy golden beaches and coastal towns, the Great Ocean Road has some of the very best scenery in Australia. Around every twist and turn in the road, you’ll be exposed to fresh sights and chances to spot all kinds of Aussie wildlife.

While the Great Ocean Road offers breathtaking landscapes all day, it is particularly stunning at sunset. Most spots along the Great Ocean Road will have a sea view bathed in a milky golden brown.

Along the route, there are plenty of places to look out and enjoy the scenes from, as the natural land formations change colour under the setting sun.

But with so much coastline to cover, where are the best spots to see the sunset along the Great Ocean Road?

Twelve Apostles

The viewing platform at the famous Twelve Apostles offers exceptional views across the rock formations. Here you’ll see the jutting shapes carve interesting silhouettes against the setting sun.

It’s incredible how these large rock formations formed over 20 million years ago, all from the natural occurrence of erosion!

Seeing the Twelve Apostles is a must when traveling along the Great Ocean Road. So, why not visit it when the rocks are glowing with the orange sunset?

With this being a popular spot in general, be prepared for a crowd and get in early for the best spot.

Cape Otway Light Station

The Otway Ranges give the Great Ocean Road a splash of greenery, with lush rainforest and wildlife. But that’s not the only thing to see along the Otway National Park.

Dating back to 1848, the Lighthouse is a heritage site and the oldest surviving lighthouse on the mainland of Australia.

The area is just as stunning as it was back then, with the region offering beautiful views out to sea when the sun is beginning to set. If you’re nearby, we highly recommend coming here for the sunset views.

Gibson Steps

Gibson Steps is located near the Twelve Apostles, so it doesn’t get as crowded at sunset. The steps lead you down to Gibson Beach, where you can look up to the massive cliff line rocks and limestone stacks.

At sunset, you can settle down in the sand and watch the sky change colours. Or you can watch the sunset from on top of the cliff.

Loch Ard Gorge

Loch Ard Gorge marks the spot where the Loch Ard shipwreck took place. The tragedy occured in 1878, killing all but two passengers, who swam up to shore.

As the sun begins to set, simply settle in the sand, or walk along the many trails or viewpoints near the area. The rugged beach offers the ideal backdrop for watching the sunset against.

The Grotto

The Grotto has steep staircase that leads down to a fascinating hollowed out cave. The Grotto is often overlookd because it’s close to the hugely popular Twelve Apostles and Loch Ard Gorge, but it definitely deserves credit as the one of the area’s best natural formations.

Essentially, the Grotto is a sinkhole, a blowhole, archway, and cave all at one. Years of erosion are the reason for this natural formation’ dyanamic form, with saltwater and wind continuously cutting the limestone cliffs.

At sunset along the wooden boardwalk, watch as the tide comes in, and see the waves crash through as they’re turned golden with the sun setting.

Apollo Bay

You don’t have to be in the serene nature Great Ocean Road offers to enjoy the sunset, with many of the town being glorious when lit up by the orange glow.

The best spot for the sunset view is on the main beach. What’s great about Apollo Bay is that after you’ve enjoyed the sunset, you can do a short walk to one of the nearby restaurants for a mouthwatering dinner.

Lorne Rooftop Restaurant

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy a stunning sunset and a delicious dinner, the Lorne Hotel Rooftop is for you. The rooftop has a perfect blend of ocean views and lively atmosphere. Sip on a beer or sparkling wine and look out over the horizon to see the sky change into a soft orange and pink glow.

No matter where you go to watch the sunset along the Great Ocean Road, it’s guaranteed to be some of the sunset views in Australia.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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