Where to Watch the Sunset on the Great Ocean Road

Stretching out for 243 kilometres along the sunny south-eastern coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road is one of the country’s most beautifully maintained wonders. Spanning all sorts of terrains, from mountainous rainforests to wild beaches and tiny towns, the road offers an overview of Australia’s spectacular scenery all in one go.

Around every twist and turn in the road, you’ll be exposed to fresh sights, including dramatic cliff faces, pristine beaches, and the lush Otway Ranges.

While the Great Ocean Road offers breath-taking landscapes at any time of day, it is particularly stunning at sunset, when the sea views are bathed in a milky gold glow. Along the route, there are plenty of places to lookout and enjoy the scenes from, as the natural land formations change colour under the setting sun. It is the perfect way to end a day.

But with so much coastline to cover, where are the best spots to see the sunset along the Great Ocean Road?

Twelve Apostles

The viewing platform at the world-famous Twelve Apostles site offers exceptional views out across this ancient rock formation, where the jutting shapes carve interesting silhouettes against the setting sun. At just a five-minute walk from the car park, the viewing platform is the ideal place to catch the sunset.

Cape Otway Light Station

The Otway Ranges give the Great Ocean Road a splash of greenery, with their lush vegetation and eclectic selection of wildlife, but they aren’t the only sight to behold along this part of the route. Dating back to 1848, the Lighthouse is the oldest of its kind in Australia and offers beautiful views out to sea when the sun is beginning to set.

Gibson Steps

Gibson Steps is located near the Twelve Apostles, these hand-hacked steps lead down to the wild scenes of Gibson Beach. Here, you can settle down in the sand and watch the sunset against one of the Great Ocean Road’s most spectacular backdrops.

Loch Ard Gorge

This marks the spot where the Loch Ard shipwreck took place and the two young survivors made it to shore. While here, you can take in the spectacular views, as well as visit the nearby cave where the duo took shelter. The rugged beach offers the ideal backdrop for watching the sunset against.

The Grotto

Just a short drive away from London Bridge, The Grotto is famed for its steep staircase that leads down to a fascinating hollowed out cave. You can watch the waves crash through as they’re turned golden by the setting sun.

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