The Grampians Hollow Mountain – Immerse yourself in Australia’s beautiful nature

The Grampians Hollow Mountain – Immerse yourself in Australia’s beautiful nature

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/30/2016

Reading time: 3 mins

Discover the natural beauty of the bushland, rocky clifftops, and cascading waterfalls of the Grampians!

The winding bends of the Great Ocean Road in southern Australia transport you to some of the country’s most amazing destinations. With spectacular views of ocean and nature surrounding you at all times, this road is widely considered to be the world’s most scenic drive.

260km’s west of Melbourne along the Great Ocean Road you will find yourself at the gates of the Grampians National Park, which is a destination that’s not to be missed! Spreading out over 167 219 hectares of land this phenomenal national park is home to mountains and valleys that display the mesmerising natural beauty of this incredible country. The Grampians consists largely of a series of sandstone ridges that rise majestically from the plains of Victoria and has a great historical significance to the indigenous people of Australia, with caves full of ancient rock paintings spread throughout the park.

The Walking Trails of the Grampians

Grampians National Park is home to some fantastic trails that allow you to explore the vast park from the ground. There are a wealth of different Hollow Mountain 2trails and tracks to choose from, all of a varying level of difficulty ranging from very easy to extremely demanding, there is certainly something here for everyone. Many of these trials can be found leading on from Halls Gap, a small town on the eastern side of the park that many choose to stay in during their visit because of the incredible mountain ranges that surround you in every direction. From Halls Gap, you will be able to walk along the clear and easy trail that leads towards Venus Baths, a group of rock pools that are perfect for all ages and allow you to experience the beauty of this natural feature.

The Caves of the Grampians

From the Hollow Mountain carpark to the north of the park you can take a trip down a track to reach some of the nearby caves at the foot of the mountain. Getting to the bottom of the mountain is easy, it’s getting to the top that can be challenging. So if you’re looking to hike up the mountain you will be greatly rewarded by the breathtaking views from the viewpoints along the way. If you’re looking for something a little more vertical, Hollow Mountain 3then you are in the right place, with towering cliff faces that allow for exhilarating climbs, Hollow Mountain renowned as one of Victoria’s premium rock climbing sites.

The Waterfalls of the Grampians

There are a number of unforgettable sights within the Grampians, but one of the most picturesque is the waterfalls. The Grampians’ waterfalls surpasses many of its counterparts with its sheer beauty and grace, with noteworthy sites including Mackenzie Falls and Silverband Falls.

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