What are popular overnight stops on the Great Ocean Road?

What are popular overnight stops on the Great Ocean Road?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/15/2023

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There’s a range of beautiful towns to stay in overnight on the Great Ocean Road.

If you’re looking to travel along the Great Ocean Road, we recommend two to four days. Of course, if you can extend your travel days you should consider it. There’s so much you can see along the 243 kilometre road.

There are a few different towns along the Great Ocean Road where you can stop over for the night. Some popular towns are Torquay, Lorne, Apollo Bay, and Port Campbell. Each town has beautiful accommodations to stay at or even just a simple room. Each town also has attractions for you to check out while you’re staying.


There’s no trip to Torquay without trying out surfing at least once. Torquay is a beautiful seaside town with popular surf beaches like Bells Beach. You might not recognise the name Bells Beach, but it’s actually the home to the brand Rip Curl!

At Torquay, there’s the Australian National Surfing Museum to check out. At the museum to can try the interactive surfboard and check out your skills on how well you’d do catching some waves!

There are also delicious cafes and restaurants around the seaside town.


Lorne has beautiful white beaches, one being Lorne Beach which is a great surfing spot. But if getting in the water isn’t for you, you can go down the main shopping strip and see boutique gift stores, cafes, galleries, and cellars.

Nearby is the Great Otway National Park which is an ancient rainforest with waterfalls. It’s perfect to check out and explore the rainforest for a few hours.

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay has some of the most stunning sunsets and sunrises on the Great Ocean Road. Apollo Bay Beach is a popular beach where people will come together in the evening for sunset. Even during the day, you’ll find the beach full of people swimming, playing a sport, or walking along the golden sand.

Another beautiful spot to go to for a view is Marriner’s Lookout. Not only do you get a view of the beach and ocean, but you also get to overlook Apollo Bay.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell is a beautiful seaside and colourful town on the Great Ocean Road and is a great place to stop overnight. There are delicious foods to try at cafes, restaurants, and bakeries, and plenty of attractions to visit.

It’s also the closest town to some of the most popular attractions to see on the Great Ocean Road. Nearby there are the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and London Bridge.

When you’ve picked the towns to stay in overnight, make sure you try to give yourself a few hours to see the town during the day! These towns have amazing beaches and unique boutique shops. And with some accommodation with a sea view, you’ll be waking up in the morning with a gorgeous sunrise.


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