What is Bells Beach famous for?

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most spectacular coastal stretches, with stunning beaches, lush temperate forests and plenty of adventure to fill any unforgettable vacay in the region!

From Port Campbell’s mesmerising natural sites to Lorne’s charming township, the Otways’ vibrant flora to Kennett River’s koalas, there is so much to see and do along the Great Ocean Road and at any time of the year.

One of the most famous sites along the marvellous Great Ocean Road is Bells Beach, easily one of the world’s most famous surf beaches.

Bells Beach has been hosting international surf competitions for decades, the most revered of which being the Rip Curl Pro – named as such because the adjacent town of Torquay is where this label was founded.

Bells Beach – and Torquay – are famous for their surfing pedigree, with top class swells from the Southern Ocean that come rolling into the amphitheatre-like coast, making for one of the world’s best surf beaches.

Bells Beach is one of the most unforgettable sites along the Great Ocean Road – as well as one of the best places to catch a wave in Oz – but don’t discount these other wondrous experiences in place for a top notch swell:

The Port Campbell National Park

Port Campbell National Park – despite being relatively smaller than Australia’s big-time national parks – boasts some of the most extraordinary natural attractions in the country.

And, after all, this is what makes it so superb, as you can get from one amazing site to another in the space of just a few minutes! You must start with the 12 Apostles, and despite the fact they are more like eight now they are still one of the most breathtaking landmarks in Australia.

Next, head across to the Loch Ard Gorge, where giant clifftops perfectly frame a gorgeous sandy beach below…


Lorne is one of Australia’s most charming towns, period. This gorgeous little resort village is packed so neatly against the rising forests above that one can’t help but at least stop for lunch there on their way through.

Better yet, why not base yourself in Lorne? There are plenty of amazing accommodation options and plenty of galleries, shops, spas etc. located in town, making it the perfect place to rest your head in between heading out to other fabulous Great Ocean Road locations.