What is Colac known for?

What is Colac known for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/13/2020

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An underrated patch of bliss within Victoria’s coast!

Found in the southern region of Victoria, Colac serves as a gateway to the impressive Otway National Park. As many journey to this small town along the Great Ocean Road journey. But this isn’t the only reason for its popularity, with a number of factors which contribute to why travellers stay a little bit longer in this tourist spot!

The History of Colac

The very first house was built along the banks of Lake Colac in 1840, but the region wasn’t listed as an official shire until 1864. By 1870, over 700 individuals were living within the region, with quaint shops, farms, and outdoor attractions. Today, most people know of it as the gateway to the famous Otway’s National Park, a rainforest which is home to an impressive display of flora and fauna. However, due to its long-standing traditions and buildings, a lot of the town is home to heritage sites, with buildings and monuments that go way back to its beginning.

Its Popular Attractions

  • Lake Colac

    Listed as the largest freshwater lake in all of Victoria, Lake Colac is an impressive sight. Stretching out 2,770 hectares, with the town sitting on its shores. The lake is apparat of the Corangamite Basion which was formed by an early volcanic eruption. Lake Colac has always been an attraction, with boats first being used within it in 1870, when an official rowing club was formed. Since then the water sports have only increased, with boating, water sports, and fishing all common activities within the lake. Folk can choose to join in on these activities, or simply enjoy the serenity this lake offers along the edge, visiting the nearby Botanic Cafe on the Lake or setting up a picnic rug for some privacy.

  • Red Rock Reserve Volcanic Site

    See a scenery like no other, at the Red Rock Reserve Lookout. Located around 17 kilometres north of Colac, the lookout overlooks onto the 30 volcanic crater lakes found within the Corangamite Basion region. No photo doesn’t do this lookout justice, with an expansive 360-degree view that showcases the entire region of Colac and beyond.

  • Lake Corangamite

    Situated in the picturesque Red Rock Reserve Volcanic Site, 17kms north of Colac, this saltwater lake at 234 square kilometres is Australia’s largest permanent lake. The area is popular for fishing, camping, swimming, skiing and birdwatching. If none of that appeals, it’s pretty enough to just go for a look.

  • The Otway Fly

    The Otway Fly Rainforest and Tree Top Walk are half an hour south of Colac. Offering visitors an exceptional and fun experience to see the rainforest of the Otway’s. Guests can begin on the Treetop Walk, which stretches up 25 metres and extends 600 metres above the rainforest’s canopy, giving travellers a unique angle to see the fantastic greenery. Here folk can get a better view on the flora and fauna found in the treetops, including the Koalas, flowers, and birdlife scattered about. Afterwards, you can head to the Zipline tour, which zips through the leafy greens of the forest 30 metres above the forest floor.

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