What is there to do in Kennett River?

What is there to do in Kennett River?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/17/2021

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Kennett River is one of those charming little spots along the Great Ocean Road that provides the perfect jumping point for so much of its natural splendour!

Kennett River, Great Ocean Road

This tiny little stop along the magnificent coastline is surrounded by gorgeous beaches, bushland and wildlife, making it one of the ultimate pits stops to enjoy some of the wondrous nature this amazing part of Australia has to offer.

So, what is there to do in Kennett River? What are some of the fantastic adventures that await you in this pristine part of the Great Ocean Road?

Let’s find out below…

The Kennett River Koala Walk

Kennett River is known for being one of the best spots in Victoria to see one of Australia’s most adorable creatures – the legendary koala! The Kennet River Koala Walk stems right from town and winds its way up into the surrounding bushland, where koalas hug the trees and kangaroos hop along the ground.

The best time of day to try and catch a glimpse of koalas in their element is in the twilight hours as koalas are nocturnal animals who aren’t amiss to simply sleep the day away high up in a eucalyptus tree! Not only is this a great place to spot some of Australia’s most unique animals in person, but it’s simply a beautiful, tranquil walk through some of the Great Ocean Road’s most untouched bushland.

Hike the epic Cumberland River Trail

The lush forests backing off the Great Ocean Road are some of the world’s top hiking spots, and there is none more fertile and vibrant than the wonderful Cumberland River Trail!

Passing through one of the region’s most colourful and leafy valleys, you will pass over the Cumberland River as well as a myriad of waterfalls all displaying cascading waters and hues of green, emerald and gold. But please keep in mind, the Cumberland River Trail is a massive 20.5km long and poses a challenge even for experienced hikers, so please don’t hike alone and be well-equipped for your epic venture through this incredible part of Oz!

Go bird watching in Kennett River

As well as being one of the best places in Vic to see koalas, the arborous surroundings of Kennett River are the ideal place for a spot of bird watching. Here you will see everything from cockatoos to king parrots, eastern rosellas and kookaburras all flying and waddling around from the moment you set out from the General Store!

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