What is there to see between Port Campbell and Warrnambool?

What is there to see between Port Campbell and Warrnambool?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/07/2023

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There are some exciting attractions you can see between these two towns!

Driving from Port Campbell to Warrnambool, you’ll be driving along the Great Ocean Road before you reach Warrnambool. Port Campbell is a beautiful and colourful seaside town on the Great Ocean Road. Warrnambool is the first major town just outside of the Great Ocean Road. The town has a few lookout points giving you different scenic views of the surrounding area.

There are many famous attractions you can see on the route from Port Campbell to Warrnambool, so let’s talk about them!

London Bridge

London Bridge was once a bridge, but now it’s an arch. You can have a look at this limestone rock formation from a lookout point along the Great Ocean Road. London Bridge also has a bit of a story with it! Back when it was a bridge and connected to the mainland, in 1990 some travellers were on the other side before the bridge collapsed. The bridge collapsing left the two travellers stranded for a few hours!

The Grotto

You’ll love checking out the Grotto which is an interesting limestone rock formation. Years of erosion have caused the limestone to become what we see the Grotto as today. The Grotto is a sinkhole, but it’s a mix between a blowhole, an archway, and a cave. There is a lower viewing platform to see straight through the Grotto, where you’ll see the sparkling blue ocean. It’s such a fascinating rock formation to see, and you’ll be able to get up close to it at the viewing platforms.

Bay of Martyrs

The Bay of Martyrs is a gorgeous 2.5 kilometre bay with two smaller bays inside, Crofts Bay and Massacre Bay. You will find there is a lookout point to have an incredible view of the bay and the ocean. There is a four kilometre walking trail you can do which starts at Peterborough Golf Course and leads you to the Bay of Martyrs.

The Great Ocean Road is a 243 kilometre road with attractions like London Bridge, The Grotto, Bay of Martyrs. If you ever want to see more of the road, we recommend booking a Great Ocean Road tour. This one day tour is a jam pack day, but you see some of the towns and famous attractions, one being the Twelve Apostles.

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