What towns does the Great Ocean Road go through?

What towns does the Great Ocean Road go through?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2023

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The Great Ocean Road is one of the most scenic coastal drives in the world.

You can drive along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, starting from Torquay and finishing in Allansford! There are over 10 towns along the Great Ocean Road that you can drive through. We won’t be able to talk about them all, but we’ll discuss some of the highlights of the towns.


Torquay is the first town marking the start of the Great Ocean Road. Torquay is about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne. The town has great surfing beaches where people love to catch a wave. The most popular beach at Torquay is Bells Beach which is also the home to Rip Curl Pro. It’s worth checking out the beach just to see some surfers catching the waves.


Lorne is one of the most popular towns along the Great Ocean Road for surfing. Lorne Beach is a popular surfing beach in Victoria. Lorne is a beautiful town and has many cute shops and cafes to see. You can spend a day exploring this coastal town and see some of the lookout points with scenic views. Teddy’s Lookout is beautiful to see the nearby St. George River and views of the coast.

Kennett River

Kennett River is one of the smaller towns on the Great Ocean Road. This town is one of the best spots to find a lot of native wildlife. One of the most popular wildlife to spot is koalas! There are a couple of walks you can do in Kennett River, but even if you do a short walk, you’re likely to spot a koala.
You can also go to Kafe Koala. This cafe is a great spot to relax and watch a lot of nearby birds come by where the visitors feed them.

Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is one of the towns that is halfway through the Great Ocean Road. You can spend a night in Apollo Bay to just explore the town and nearby attractions. The town has fantastic coastal views and as well the mountains from the Otway Ranges. Marriner’s Lookout gives you some of the best views of the ocean and town.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell is a small town, but it is the closest to some of the most famous attractions on the Great Ocean Road. Nearby you’ll be able to see Gibson Steps, the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and London Bridge.

There are still so many beautiful towns along the Great Ocean Road besides the ones we’ve listed. To check out some of these towns, be sure to do a tour! A tour allows you to easily travel to a couple of towns and see great attractions like the Twelve Apostles, Otway Rainforest, and London Bridge.

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