Where are the kangaroos along the Great Ocean Road?

Where are the kangaroos along the Great Ocean Road?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/09/2020

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It’s not just tourists that can be found hanging about the Great Ocean Road region, but an incredible range of local animals too!

Visitors come to this area to see the incredible coastal views, staggering rock formations, and beautiful beaches. But one of the best highlights is by far the wildlife hidden throughout, particularly the beloved native animals. Kangaroos are one of the most popular animals of Australia, found throughout the country in both the wild and zoos. The Great Ocean Road is typically known for its koalas and whale sighting, but best be sure that it is also home to a large population of these hopping creatures!

About Kangaroos

Kangaroos are large marsupial animals that are only found in Australia. They can be identified by their huge back legs and feet, which allow them to jump around instead of walking. There are a variety of species within the kangaroo family, with wallabies a similar species only smaller in size. They typically have grey-brown fur, with a few varieties being a more beige or red colour than most. Like all marsupials, a sub-type of mammal, the females have pouches, which is located at the front of their bellies and contain mammary glands. This pouch is used to keep their young within until they are old enough to hop along by themselves. They live in large groups, being quite social creatures and staying in these small families for the whole lives.

Where you can find them along the Great Ocean Road

The most common kangaroo found in the Great Ocean Road is the eastern grey kangaroos. Identified by their pale bellies and grey furry backs, they are one of the most populated kangaroo species in the country. Mostly found in the grasslands of the Great Ocean Road, in particular in the thick bushland of the Otway’s National Park. Look out for them in the early mornings or the late evenings, as they typically hop across the open fields during this time to munch on the grass and to find the next best grazing patch.

For wallabies sightings, two types can be found along the Great Ocean Road. The Red-necked wallies have a mix of red and grey colourings, and are the harder of the two species to catch sight of! Found usually in the Otways open grass sections in the early mornings. Swamp wallies, however, can easily be seen amongst the trees of the Otways, with their grey bodies and reddish-brown ears and stomach.

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