Why you should join a Helicopter Ride Around the 12 Apostles

Why you should join a Helicopter Ride Around the 12 Apostles

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/19/2021

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Nestled on the picturesque coast of Victoria, Great Ocean Road is one of the best attractions around.

Mainly due to the famous rock formation known as the 12 Apostles! A series of large rocks which jut out from the crashing ocean below. Thousands of visitors come to this attraction year-round, but many overlook the activity of enjoying a helicopter ride around the Apostles. Which can make your visit to the 12 Apostles are truly unforgettable one!

About the 12 Apostles

The 12 Apostles is the number one attraction when travellers cruise down the Great Ocean Road. Sitting more than halfway down the road, the rock stacks sit metres out from the jagged clifftop of the coast. The rocks are comprised of limestone, with their smooth surfaces and sharp corners created by thousands of years of erosion, made from the constant sea spray and rain. They have made the coast have one of the most impressive horizon views, with the limestone stacks contrasting against the blue sea and sky!

Helicopter Rides on the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road Helicopter Ride

Many who travel to the region opt to simply see the 12 Apostles via the lookout point. Which is located right on the edge of the clifftop. Others choose to walk down the narrow stairs and stroll along the soft sanded beach to marvel at the sheer size of the rocks from below. But by far the best way to experience the apostles is via the sky! The helicopter ride is offered every day, reliant on the wind levels, and offers a full 15 mins of airtime for visitors. Simply pre-book a helicopter ride before heading down the Great Ocean Road, to snag yourself the perfect helicopter flight during the day. The ride gives you a unique perspective of the 12 Apostles, letting you soar around the stacks before flying upwards to see the entire Great Ocean Road in one go! Transforming your visit to the coastal attraction from fun to truly breath-taking.

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