How to Enjoy the Great Ocean Road after Quarantine

How to Enjoy the Great Ocean Road after Quarantine

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/11/2020

Reading time: 3 mins

Plan ahead of time and organise a trip down this scenic coastal road!

Dreaming of your next vacation? For many of us, travelling is only a fantasy at this point, with the corona forcing us to stay indoors and isolate ourselves. However, this doesn’t stop us from researching our first trip away when laws soften, with the Great Ocean Road being one of the top destinations for many. Discover what you can do down in this coastal paradise when iso finally finishes!

  • Go koala-spotting at Kennett River

    See the locals of the Great Ocean Road in their favourite snoozing spot! Kennett River is jam-packed with koalas, with the eucalyptus trees tops spotted with these cute furry grey balls! Kennett River is nestled around 30 minutes from Lorne, being a friendly town perfect for an afternoon coffee or snack to enjoy after your koala visit. Even head to the nearby bird spot, where you can see a large number of native birds hanging about, even feeding a few as they land on your shoulders and arms.

  • Get a Bird’s Eye View of the Twelve Apostles

    This is, of course, what everyone comes to see when visiting the Great Ocean Road. The Twelve Apostles is a series of glorious limestone towers that jut out from the crashing sea. Despite the name, there are only seven of these spires standing, with the water and wind slowly eroding the rocks. Many visitors simply visit the lookout point or sandy beach to see these natural rock formations, however, a helicopter ride is by far the best vantage point. Taking you up above the clouds to see the rocks, sea, and entire coastal region below you!

  • Surf the Waves

    No matter what stretch of sand you park yourself at when visiting this coastal region, your in for a fantastic surfing adventure! The entire coast is famous for its waves, with some of the best pro surfers heading to these beaches to practise or compete. If you are learning, many beaches such as Lorne or Apollo Bay’s main beaches offer surf lesson to anyone interested. Giving you the perfect beach fun after being stuck indoors for months on end!

  • Enjoy a Rainforest Walk

    After being inside for so long, you might want to stretch out your legs and immerse yourself in the great outdoors. The Coast’s Great Otway Rainforest is a great choice, offering winding walking tracks that head to lookout points, waterfalls, or picturesque picnic regions! There are even camping spots available, so you can sleep under the stars and be completely cut off from reality as you enjoy a campfire and even a night walk in the bush!

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