Things to do at Colac, Great Ocean Road

Colac, Victoria 3250

Colac was once seen as a necessity, somewhere you had to pass through to get to the more exciting towns and attractions of the Great Ocean Road.

Colac, Great Ocean Road

However, locals and tourists alike have woken up to the wonders of this quaint little town, located just two hours’ drive from Melbourne!

There is plenty to see and do in and around Colac, as it is a town that is rich in local history and gorgeous forestry.

Let’s take a look at what makes Colac worth any visit in its own right.

  • It’s a canoeing & kayaking paradise

    Lake Colac is the centre point of southwest Victorian watersports. Whether you’re taking the boat out for a spin, hoisting the sails for a spot of yachting, testing your strength on a rowboat or letting the breeze take you along windsurfing, Lake Colac is a must for water adventurers. Lake Colac is perfect for canoeing, with its beautiful waters and calm vibe providing a tranquil atmosphere for a good day on the water.

    Looking for more of a thrill? Then be sure to head down to either Anglesea, Apollo Bay or Lorne, where you can hire kayaking equipment and take it out to the wild waves crashing into the coastline. You can even take a kayaking tour out to a seal colony – they might even swim over and say hi!

  • Walk or cycle the Old Beechy Rail Trail

    The Old beechy Rail Trail is one of the quintessential ways to view the lush scenery that southwest Victoria is famous for. Taking you along a disused narrow gauge railway, this incredible trail traverses ancient rainforests, rolling hillsides and fertile farmland, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful stroll, or an exciting ride, through some of Victoria’s most beautiful country.

  • Head out to the Great Otway National Park

    Because you can’t visit southwest Vic without heading to the Otways, one of the country’s most vibrant national parks. The Otways are world famous for their rugged coastlines, pristine waterfalls, charming trails and lively flora. You can easily spend a day, if not two, meandering around the sites that make this national park so beloved, as well as enjoy a picnic at one of the park’s tranquil designated spots.

  • It’s the perfect town for a weekend in the west

    See, didn’t we tell you Colac had a lot to offer? Be sure to book up there for your next southwest Victorian sojourn – you will be thrilled that you did!

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