Experience Australia on the Great Ocean Road

A trip along the country’s most magnificent coast

There are few sights in the world as spectacular as those along the Great Ocean Road. This meandering route carves its way around the southern coast of Australia and boasts some of the country’s most breathtaking scenery and exciting activities.

The first stop along this 244km road is Bells Beach, which lies a little over an hour out of Melbourne and is the perfect place to start your trip, get your blood pumping and your surfboards out as the world-famous swells of Southern Australia roll onto the warm sand. Surfing lessons are available here as well as skydiving and snorkelling, and of course you’re welcome to lay back on the beach with a good book and cold drink in your hand to start off your trip feeling relaxed.

As you continue on this amazing road you’ll see a majestic white structure rise out of the distance, the Split Point Lighthouse is definitely worth a visit. This iconic lighthouse offers tours to the top of the building as well as the opportunity to take a memorable photo with a perfect backdrop of the rich blue ocean.

Not only does this incredible journey provide an amazing coastal drive past Australia’s most beautiful beaches, but the chance to explore the natural parks on the other side of the road. The Great Otway National Park covers an area of over 103 000 hectares and the tours here will take you to see ancient rainforests and splendid waterfalls. Campsites can be found in several locations in the park for a great place to stop and spend a night under the stars to make your trip a 2-day event.

Possibly the most picturesque section of the Great Ocean Road is the Shipwreck Coast, a 130km stretch so named because of the estimated 700 shipwrecks in these treacherous waters. The sheer cliffs of Loch Ard Gorge and the famous 12 Apostles can be found along this coast, these stacks of ocean-carved limestone are a breathtaking sight to behold and the perfect place to finish your journey with a spectacular sunset. With these unforgettable rock formations standing 70m out of the ocean, the scenery displays a coast so unique that this alone makes the entire drive worthwhile.

There is truly no better way to see all that Australia has to offer than a trip along the Great Ocean Road.

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