Exploring Maits Rest on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most popular areas of Australia for visitors. The stunning collection of beaches, wild rainforests, and jutting coastline provide the perfect backdrop for exploring and getting to know the nature in the region.

Maits Rest lies around 15 minutes from well-known Apollo Bay just before the 12 Apostles. From the car park, you can walk for 30 minutes along the well-maintained boardwalk and gravel paths. They take you along the picturesque valley floor, where you can soak up the ancient beauty of the rainforest and get up close and personal with the wildlife on offer.

Here, you can marvel at the myrtle beeches that jut upwards for metres and metres and discover the selection of tree ferns and bouncy moss that carpet the floor, while the misty canopies add a mystical ambiance to the proceedings.

The scenery here forms part of the Great Otway National Park, which is renowned for its fabulous collection of birds, which includes 43 native species that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

As well as birds, keep your eyes peeled for local inhabitants such as swamp wallabies, koalas, ring-tailed possums and grey kangaroos. In addition, if you’re lucky you might get to catch a glimpse of the yellow-bellied gliders that make their way from treetop to treetop and Black Otway’s Carnivorous Snails.

When darkness falls, you can take a torch to the area and view the glow worms which light up the region like a fairytale land.

Walks at Maits Rest

If you’re looking to take a walk at Maits Rest, you can explore the self-guided boardwalk. It hovers above the valley floor to protect the local nature, so you can get sprawling views of the canopies, ancient trees, and any critters that might be milling around.

Top Tip from the Locals

Because of its stunning selection of wildlife and its pretty views, Maits Rest can get very busy at certain times of the day. If you’d like to steer clear of the crowds and enjoy the area at your own pace, try the walk at Melba Gully which heads towards Princetown via Lavers Hill. It is a slightly longer walk than the boardwalk, but it takes you deeper into the rainforest so you can see the lesser-touched parts of the forest and its surroundings.

Maits Rest offers the perfect spot to soak up the wildlife and stunning natural views along the much-loved Great Ocean Road.

Explore Maits Rest Rainforest on our Great Ocean Road Tour.

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