The Town of Lorne- Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is the single-most popular road trip in all of Australia. And there’s a big reason why. It’s one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, with local wildlife visible from carparks, and incredible photo opportunities around every corner. The Great Ocean Road is 243 kilometres that hugs the coastline the entire route. Along this road are some of the most photographed landmarks in the world. The most popular being the Twelve Apostles. Other landmarks include Loch Ard Gorge and the London Arch. But landmarks aren’t the only reason to visit the Great Ocean Road. Little towns that dot the coast are just as worthy as the big name tourist attractions.

The town of Lorne is one of those little places that should definitely be on your itinerary. Lorne is one of the first towns on the Great Ocean Road. Lorne is a popular destination for surfing, and when the population balloons in the summer season, it becomes a weekend getaway for the city dwellers in Melbourne. Popular activities include: pier fishing, swimming, surfing, and camping. Events are held throughout the summer many being running races. The biggest of them all, the Great Ocean Road Marathon starts from Lorne and finishes 44 kilometres away in Apollo Bay. Other events during the new year include a favourite pastime, New Year’s Eve in Lorne. The population grows to almost 15,000 people (usually less than 1,000 people live in Lorne during the year) celebrating the new year at the Falls Festival. During that week, the Pier to Pub swim brings even more people to the town to watch as many as 4,000 people take a swim in the ocean and end in a pub! The swim is so popular it has the record in the Guinness Book of World Records. Lorne isn’t just a summer holiday location. There are plenty of things to do in town, rain or shine. The Lorne Arts Festival is held in June and brings big names in the art and film world to celebrate the industry.

Lorne is also a great starting off point for the Great Ocean Road and is close to the Great Otway National Park. ‘The Otways,’ as locals call it, is a lovely national park that provides both tourists and locals a great introduction to the surrounding flora and fauna and is one of the best places to bird watch in the country.

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