What can you see at the Grampians?

What can you see at the Grampians?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/07/2019

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A nature reserve within Victoria, this area is home to one of the world’s oldest and most majestic sandstone mountains.

A large array of native plants and wildlife, this rich bushland area is perfect for outdoor actives such as hiking, bike riding, or rock-climbing.

  • Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre

    Discover the ancient culture of the Aboriginal people within the Grampians at their cultural centre. This information attraction is 100% owned by the aboriginal people and promises visitors an insight into the culture, history, and traditional customs of the Western Victoria communities. With artefacts on display, daily talks, and cultural activities such a boomerang throwing and didgeridoo playing on offer.

  • Lake Bellfield

    See the marvellous expanse of water at Lake Bellfield. This stunning lake promises water adventures such as swimming, kayaking, sail boating, or fishing. Even if you don’t want to get into the water, hanging out by the lake can be an activity in itself. Setting up a picnic or simply posing for a snap will let you marvel at the exceptional area of Lake Bellfield.

  • The Waterfalls

    As the park is quite an expanse of land, there is not just one waterfall to see on your adventure, but a surplus. Mackenzie Falls is by far the most popular waterfall around, with hundreds of visitors year-round. Spend a morning hiking the area, taking many of the walking paths that surround the area before cooling off in the refreshing waters. Silverband Falls is best known for its picturesque scenery surrounding the waterfalls. With a chance to swim in the charging base as well as trekking up to the top of the waterfall to see the epic lookout of beyond is well worth the visit. Otherwise, if you are looking for a short walking trip, head to Clematis Fallsclematis falls for a 1.1km journey from the cricket ground before arriving at the marvellous site.

  • The Pinnacle

    There is no better place to see the Grampian’s true beauty than at the Pinnacle. There are two ways to get to the pinnacle which varies in distance and difficulty. The easiest route to The Pinnacle departs from the Sundial carpark within the national park and ascends to The Pinnacle via Devils Gap. This is the best route to use if young children or unconfident walkers are part of your walking group. The 4.2km walk will take one and a half to two hours for the return trip. It does include some water crossings and rock-hopping, so good sturdy shoes are essential.

  • Wildlife

    The Grampians are bursting with a seriously great assortment of Australian animals. A picturesque wonderland perfect for birds, mammals, reptiles, and marine life. Hike through the bush and spot the moving branches, rustling bushes, and animals call hidden within.

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