What town is near the 12 apostles?

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most visited sights in all of Victoria.

A collection of coastal towns, bushland, and pristine beaches, there is no doubt that the area is rich in beauty. However, no trip along the Great Ocean Road is complete without a visit to the Twelve Apostles. The pointed limestone stacks emerge from the ever-changing seas, lining the edge of the coast to create an iconic horizon for all to enjoy. Travellers come from all over to see this epic natural phenomenon, with many spending a day, a weekend, or more nearby the ocean shore. Discovering the best towns surrounding this natural wonder can offer you a perfect lunch or an even better overnight stay.

  • Port Campbell

    Port Campbell is usually next on the agenda for travellers, being the next main stop after the twelve apostles. See the iconic Lord Ard Gorge and Twelve Apostles in the day and head to Port Campbell to rest and recharge for the night. With a fascinating history, rich wildlife, and charming shops nestled within, Port Campbell is an attraction in itself.

  • Princetown

    Although not as well-known as other towns in the Great Ocean Road, it is a very close distance to the Twelve Apostles. The small settlement provides a truly tranquil stay, hidden along the coast and home to a wonderland amount of wildlife. Shops and restaurants might be a tad limited so only stay here if you enjoy the quiet life.

  • Apollo Bay

    Experience the great ocean road’s towns charm the night beforehand! Waking up bright and early to go see the Twelve Apostles before the road gets busy. Nestled about an hour’s journey from the twelve apostles, Apollo Bay offers visitors a scenic journey through the Otway’s rainforest along the way. The town itself is a perfect blend of small-town charms and natural beauty. With the main streets lined with welcoming cafes, restaurants, and shops promising guests a mouth-watering meal to refuel from your journey. The beach is also a great spot to visit, or if you are feeling extra motivated a walk within the thick humid rainforest is a perfect way to end or start to your day.

  • Cape Otway

    The southern tip of the coast, Cape Otway blends together the Great Otway National Park, lush rainforests, and the rocky cliff top coast. Stay here to truly immerse yourself in Victoria’s wildlife, seeing unique animals and plants before you even get to the iconic twelve apostles.