What town is near the 12 apostles?

What town is near the 12 apostles?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/05/2019

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The Twelve Apostles are popular limestone stacks to see along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.

A collection of coastal towns, bushland, and pristine beaches, there is no doubt that the Great Ocean Road is rich in beauty. However, no trip along the Great Ocean Road is complete without a visit to the Twelve Apostles!

The pointed limestone stacks emerge from the glistening water, lining the edge of the coast to create an iconic horizon to enjoy. People from all over the world travel to see the limestone stacks on a day trip or over a couple of nights traveling along the road.

The Twelve Apostles sit right between two coastal towns, Port Campbell and Princetown, where you can stay overnight or enjoy a perfect lunch by the sea. If you spend a night in either town, you’ll be close enough to pop down to watch the sunset and sunrise at the Twelve Apostles.

Port Campbell

Port Campbell is next on the agenda for travellers, being the next main stop after the Twelve Apostles. On the way, you can see the iconic Lord Ard Gorge and Twelve Apostles in the day, and head to Port Campbell to rest and recharge for the night. You can also check out The Razorback, London Bridge, and The Grotto.

With a fascinating history, rich wildlife, and charming shops nestled within, Port Campbell is an attraction in itself.


Princetown isn’t as popular to other towns on the Great Ocean Road, however it is very close to the Twelve Apostles. The small settlement provides a truly tranquil stay, hidden along the coast and home to a wonderland amount of wildlife. Its range of shops and restaurants might be somewhat limited, so only stay here if you enjoy the quiet life.

If you’re looking for something to do, you can do the Princetown Boardwalk. The 600-metre trail connects the town to the Gellibrand River mouth. There’s also a great place to have a picnic nearby, and a spot to fish at a platform.

During your trip along the Great Ocean Road, here are some stopovers you should take while driving towards the Twelve Apostles.

Apollo Bay

Nestled about an hour’s journey from the iconic limestone stacks, Apollo Bay is a perfect blend of small town charms and natural beauty. With the main streets lined with cafes and restaurants promising guests a mouth-watering meal to refuel.

The beach is also a great spot to visit, especially Apollo Bay Beach, for all water activities like surfing and swimming. There are also surf schools available for those who are keen to get involved and learn how to surf.

Cape Otway

Located on the southern tip of the coast, Cape Otway encompasses the Great Otway National Park, lush rainforests, and the rocky cliff top coast. Stay here to immerse yourself in Victoria’s wildlife, seeing unique animals and plants before you reach the iconic Twelve Apostles.

It’s worth checking out the Cape Otway Lightstation. Built in 1848, it is one of Australia’s oldest and most important lighthouses.

Don’t forget to explore the Great Otway National Park to see iconic Aussie wildlife and stunning waterfalls.


Torquay marks the start of the Great Ocean Road and is a great first stop. Torquay is best known for being home to Bells Beach, where iconic surfing brands like Quicksilver and Rip Curl come from.

The coastal town is great for those who are keen to catch a few waves, with a chance to even do some surfing lessons here. Ensure to also check out Surf World Surfing Museum to learn more about the surfing culture here in Torquay.

For a chance to see the Twelve Apostles and other parts of the Great Ocean Road, join a day tour! The tour stops by Apollo Bay, Loch Ard Gorge, The Razorback and more as the bus winds its way through the coastal road.

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